Who would be easier to learn?



For you doom and mags players? who would be easier to learn? Magneto or Doctor Doom?


Definitely Doom.



magneto isn’t rocket science either if you lab a lot.


Yeah Doom is a lot easier to learn now as compared to his Vanilla version, but both characters respectively will take some time to learn the various intricacies they each have.

For example, you have a team composed of Modok/Doom/Magneto, but you want to get used to doing a Buktooth or Shadyk loop then you would (obviously) train with Doom first and vice versa. Practice makes perfect, etc etc…


Magneto, because he’s a way better character than Doom. Better the character, easier to win with.


I have to say Magneto, his movement is easier to get a grasp on as opposed to Doom. But Doom has easy high damage combos. You need pretty good execution to hit the high stuff with Mags.


point magneto backed with sentinel is a lot easier than any doom position or combination IMO


Easier to learn Doom harder to get good with Doom.


I actually think the opposite. Getting into Doom is a bit rough since he doesn’t have a standard LMHS MMHS string (well he sorta does but you need to get used to the timing and forward+H first) but once you get used to his movement you have a pretty good grasp of the character. His massive damage combos are easy as pie except for the Maziodyne loop and TBH he doesn’t have as much depth as Magneto.


ive been trying to learn mags for a while and i still cant do Roms.So DOOM is alot easier.i wish someone could help me with mags :frowning:


That’s true but I meant easy as in learning the combos and hard as in opening people up and playing the neutral game. I think Magnus has harder combos to learn but just has an easier time outside of training mode compared to Doom.

@ Mr.PaVy-RD You don’t necessarily need ROM’s to be really good with Magneto. I tried doing ROMs with a pad… and no… but yeah there are a lot of players like F.Champ who are successful with Magnus without the ROM as long as you can do some simple flight loops and Grav loops along with Magnetic Blast loops, which in my opinion are easier than ROM loops.