Who would be interested in a SF4 Tourney In GTA?

Now the problem would be it be pad only… as well it be in a theatre on a 50 foot screen. (cant really have the controllers reach outside of the theatre because well it is pretty good distance)

I work for a theatre and id like to get them to hold these toruneys because i think it be profitable.

How many gta’ers would be interested in that sort of thing, if i can swing there vote then you could have a monthly tourney for sf 4

also if interested here are some questions.

What time of day would your perfeer. Early around 2-3 around evening around 9-12
What kind of prizes would be to your liking?
How much would you be willing to pay to play?
Would you be willing to pay to watch?
Would you have a problem buying food from the theatre at a discounted price?

Question #1: Are you serious?

Question #2: huh?

Edit - Post this in Canada forums instead of tournaments and events, because that’s where all canadian tournament and events go. . .

why would it have to be pad only?

4 on imax would be pretty cool imo

Isn’t there a way to put SF4 on a small tv and display that on the big screen that way we can play it with arcade sticks :3

Lol pad

Hmm very good idea… though wouldnt that take away the fun of you guys playing it. Plus i dont think they would like people to be inside their projections booth.

And pads because saddly you cant wire a 360 stick from a booth into a theatre.