Who would be interested in bi-monthly tournaments?

Who would be interested in well-run, well-organized bi-monthly tournaments?

I have in mind something along the lines of the first and last saturday’s of each month. It will be strictly MVC on Kawaks. I repeat, strickly Kawaks.

I understand a lot of people dont play on Kawaks because it’s not what others use but think about this; If you only use Mame for the sake of finding competition on Kaillera, why wouldnt you be willing to use Kawaks for a tournament then? The competition is there, you dont have to worry about finding it.

I’ve run and organized tournaments at Camelot Golfland in Anaheim (home of some of the best players in America) so I know a thing or two about running tournaments. Online, I used to host a ranking system on my own forums for my own community. We would have Round Robin tournaments, taking wins/losses and matches played, calculating them into a win percentage and then ranked accordingly. Along with that, I used to run what we called “The Big Ones” which were proper (Double Elim, 2/3, etc) tournaments. So again, I know a thing or two about running tournaments.

This will be as professional as possible with proper brackets, format and rules used.

So, who would be interested in these tournaments?

That is not the only reason people do not use kawaks. This was already discussed. THere are problems with neogeo games, problems with keyboard detection, and many others mentioned in the “kawaks boycott” thread.

Where will they be held? Kawaks works for me in everything from keyboard to xarcades and homemade sticks.

We’re not playing Neo Geo games but if you dont wanna play, dont play.

EDIT: I just reread the Boycott thread and to be honest, the only person who had an issue with Kawaks is Crayfish. Everyone else basically said that Kawaks was best for CPS2 (which this tournament consists of) and better online (which this tournament is on).

0746: They would probably be held in Anti3d or God Weapon unless we have a lot of West Coast players. Then it would be held in a more west server. Once I see there’s interest, i’ll get into specific details. It’s still the early stages at this point.

I wouldn’t mind SFA3 on kawaks.

That could happen. Do you have any friends or people you play with who would be interested?

I live too damn far away :(.

Not even online?

I guess I’d be up for it. Do you still have your forums you mentioned so I can check it out right now?

No, they’re actually gone now. You can archive.org it if you want.

Maybe tomorrow i’m gonna’ post up the entire premise, the way I do things and the rules for the tournaments.

actually kawaks sucks. It doesnt register half circles well.

Lol, this is just plain stubborness. Quit trying to push your own shitty agenda and just use what’s standard.
If you wanted a real competition, you wouldn’t force people to use an emulator that’s marred with problems.

It’s funny because there’s people that say Mame is “marred with problems”.

I’d def be down for some SFA3 on Kawaks, and I’d be interested in to looking into MVC, I just never really got into it.

But SFA3, for sure.

if your serious about this use mame.

If you’re serious about playing, use Kawaks.

the standard is mame. just use taht. its like coming in a japaneese arcade and replacing everything with american sticks. use the standards in place.

kawaks has trouble hitting directionals… so like he said… use mame.

Mame has trouble running as smooth as Kawaks on my computer, so if I were to still do this, I’d use Kawaks.