Who would be the best match for Akuma in Marvel?

In a one-on-one all-out fight, who be a good fight for Gouki? Hero or villain.

The Impossible Man

Im sure this is in the wrong place…but oh well

I say Wolverine since they fought in the endging in MSH vs. SF

It’s been implied that he could be Mr. Mxy from DC Comics. If so, he would have zero issue with anyon eunder…well…Ultimator level beings.

The Spectre isn’t even a match for someone who doesn’t have alll of Mxy’s power or knowledge of how to use it all.

Akuma sends him to Hell. Healing factor = useless for protecting your soul.

The Comics Code Authority intervenes and censors your shitty matchups. GGPO.

…and we have a winner. thread over. pls close sano

Hulk vs Akuma would be a pretty cool fight.

Ghost rider. (john blaze)

gouki v. marvel zombies… then after destroying all of them, he leaves the head of one of the zombies to bite him… and then he Kongouko-kuretsuzan’s the head and ashura warps from universe to universe devouring everything with cosmic zombie power assist mwuahahahhahaha…


Sorry it took me a while to spot this… cut me a break man you can’t be breaking the rules on new comic book day for crying out loud! No versus threads thanks. LOCKED.