Who would be top tier?

Who do you think would be top tier if there no Ryu, Balrog or Sagat in the game? Just curious on your opinions :china:

Akuma and Zangief, maybe Rufus too.

Also I don’t think Balrog is top tier at all, I’d say he’s B Tier.

whoever’s next on the tier list…


Zangief and Rufus


Deductive reasoning tells you that Zangief, Rufus, and Akuma are next…
This didn’t really deserve its own thread, btw.

Why do scrubs think balrog is overpowered? If you properly zone him out, it’s crazy hard for him to get in without ex meter. Even with the armor dash punches, I have a had time getting in against somebody who knows what their doing.

No one said he’s OP but Balrog is definitely top tier

Without Sagat, Honda would probably be much more tournament viable.

LOL. Balrog is far from overpowered

Jab(into Combo)>Headbutt>Ultra is the only reason Balrog is high tier imo

Other than that you can just throw him out of his specials, his overhead is slow as hell and you can even stop his ultra/specials with a normal move (jab,short whatever)

Balrog is top tier because once gets in he has very powerful comboes that can be started with his jabs, the easiest normals to land because they’re so fast. He’s also a capable turtle

Of course Dan.

lmao :tup: one of these days capcom is gonna make Dan god tier…wait and see.

He’s pretty fun to play with in SFIV, too. It’s not like he’s undertuned or anything but the dankyu is too OP!!!

Big momma

Really, I’d say that fat Asian kid on the playground in that one stage.

  • It isn’t even close. Dan. *

Whoever you don’t use :cybot:

This person knows what they are talking about. Chunky is god tier.

First thing I thought too hahaha

Akuma, Zangief, Rufus, Honda.

In that order. Do the math.

Akuma still has no disadvantaged matchups, Honda is 5-5, everyone else is either 5-5 or 6-4.
Zangief would shoot up because he only loses to Akuma and Honda now. Rufus would shoot up because he only loses to Akuma and Gief now. Honda would shoot up because he only loses to the characters above him except maybe Akuma.

In other words, very little would change.