Who would like to see an aniversary title for street fighter III with all 3 titles

simpliar to the street fighter II and darkstalkers aniversary collections i would like to one of street fighter III… my main reason for this is like on sf2 and ds i would like to play match with a mix of characters from each title… i believe this would add a new lvl of fun game play… when you can challenge 3rd strike ken with 2nd impact sean it opens things up…

so i’m wondering what my peers think of this… i understand each title would have different frames and all that jazz… so if anyone thinks that it might not work because of this do post why…

Considering capcom love to milk their old sf games and re-release then 5000 times I’m surprised this has never hapened

I’d just much rather see them take 3s and balance the fucking thing, there is only so much yun shit I can take.

3s: the balanced edition
yeah make that shit already

shut up


Didnt it already happen on Dreamcast,:rolleyes: where have you guys been, Dreamcast had SF3 New Generation and SF3 Giant attack or whatever its called.:wink: then later they released SF3 Third Strike.

Yeah, both New Generation and Second Impact are on one disk for DC. I have 3 copies of third strike lol DC, PS2, XBox. So I doubt I would buy a collection unless they included Red Earth or Warzard or something.

Yeah a collection of all 3 SFIII titles w/Red earth being the bonus game, would totally kick ass.

i want a street fighter with every sf character, even the ex characters.

I want a fighting game with EVERY CHARACTER FROM EVERY GAME. EVER.



I’m just hoping for a Street Fighter the Movie vs. Dead or Alive the Movie cross over game.

That would be hot. :wink:

But otherwise, I already have all three SFIII games, but if they were to release it with online play for the 360 I would be a happy camper… Since it seems that Microsoft is unwilling to really work on whatever software emulation needs to be fixed in order to play the game with backwards compatability.

No it wouldn’t. . .

Well there hasn’t been a mix and match for the Street Fighter 3. SF2 has HSF2, DS has Chronicles on the DC. Alpha has HSFA, so i guess its only logical capcom would release a HSF3. Might be quite interesting, but i can see the community having a lot of ill feeling (just like with hsf2) towards it if it ever gets made. I think the community would prefer a whole new SF game tbh. SF4 or SF beta, even CFJ2. CFJ2 could work as long as they don’t make the same half assed effort.

In all likely hood the SF game will be based on the new movie, might not even be a fighting game for all we know.

We need History Fighters: Hyper Constitutional Clash.

If you like that then I’ve got a puke and shit sandwich you should try.

No,No,No.And unfortunately Capcom is probably going to spam the anniversary collection assist again,for like the billionth time.The Street Fighter 3 collection is probably the only Collection they haven’t released yet,besides Street Fighter Ex.

Jesus vs. Allah vs. Moses vs. Flying spaghetti monster four-way?

Sigh… I own two copies of Double Impact on DC (one broken) and two copies of Anniversary Collection (one X-box, one PS2). BUT if they released YET ANOTHER collection (and you KNOW they will… no need to second guess it) with all 3 SF3’s AND added in a Hyper SF3 game like they did with Alpha Anthology… I’d probably still buy it.:rofl:
It’s a god damn curse I tell you.:looney:
Throwing in Warzard/Red Earth would be a bonus for me.

Thomas Jefferson with Ben Franklin assist would be so broken in that game.

A balanced Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike would be t3h secks. No more Genei Jin BS. :stuck_out_tongue:

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