Who would win in a fight, Justin Wong vs Gootecks

Justin Wong



i think that gootecks would give justin a run for his money if they were to fight in real life how bout you?

Arturo “Gootecks” Sanchez

gootecks has an advantage with his stick throwing skills

Arturo Sanchez and Gootecks are two different people…

i think wong used to live in nyc? if so then he would win

Gootecks lived there too they both played at Chinatown Fair

lol. This is worse than most newfag comments on 4Chan.

>This thread
>My face


this is your best thread

Gootecks, especially when he has his arcade stick with him.

They both look mad free

Tough decision

Wong likes to win, Gootechaheadron likes some cash…

Gootecks bets against himself, takes a fall in the third round, Triforce steals the pot, and everyone else asks where Gamerbee is.

David ‘Gootecks’ Sirlin imo

Dude, Mike “Gootecks” Watson wins no question.

hmm , Alex’‘Gootecks’’ Valle …yayy i did one 2

I’m rooting for IFC Daigo “The Gootecks” Kelly…

Wow a decent thread for once, hahaha.

… jesus