Who would win in a fight, the original 151 Pokemon or the original 5 X-Men?

He is not.

If only multiple people didn’t already make that unoriginal joke before you in this thread…

I’d go with the X-Men but I’m still not sure how effective Angel’s powers are in battle.

I’ve simulated this hundreds of times and the result is always the same: Numbers, number numbers.
They can hold out for a while, but there is nothing the xmen can do to stop the pokemon from breeding with them.
Jean Gray IS a powerful psychic, but there are like a dozen psychic pokemon who will wear down her defenses and occupy her until Beedrill or Venemoth lay eggs inside her.
Arch angel can fly. So what? Species like Fearow have evolved special curved penises to their aggressive air to air mating “ritual”. There is no such thing as consent in the pokeverse.
Cyclops. What is Clyclops going to do? Blast a couple of rattatas before Machamp grabs him from behind and has his way with him? I don’t care how well trained or conditioned he is. He isn’t breaking free from Machamps arms. Hell, he’d only have to use 2 while the other 2 give him the roughest reach around he’s ever had.
Beast. Well you’re thinking, “well, beast has that huge furry penis, surely that’ll help” and yes, by most standards it is quite impressive. But compared to even a young Taurus it isn’t all that impressive. Compared to the mighty Dragon Cock of Dragonite or the gargantuan Snor-penis. It’s not making waves.
Iceman? Yeah he’s powerful. But what do you think happens when a tight, icy butthole is penetrated by a red hot, flaming pokecock from Arcanine or Rapidash? Rapid expansion of gases. Butthole ruined forever.

These are just some basic examples. I haven’t even mentioned the sex plants, the tentacle monsters. The rock fisting or even the repeated, unsuccessful reproduction attempts from the legendary birds.

I feel like Jean and Wolverine would stomp all of them fairly easily, the rest are just overkill.

Poll thread vs Asking questions without a poll topics.

How can you even choose.

Another fucking vs thread…

can Ditto transform into an x-man?

There is some deep thinking going on in this thread…

Hamtaro wins

Nuff said

What is the weather condition? Also, are items usable? How many badges does our trainer have? Are these naturally trained Pokemon, IV/EV trained, or doped up on rare candy?


Beak, the worst member of the X-men of all time, so bad that he was put into the School’s Special Ed class, even there he ranked on the bottom.
Who’s powers are to be bird-like in all the wrong and useless ways can beat all 151 Pokemon by himself.

In the end regardless what you want to look at, the X-men are still people, in the Pokemon games all but the most godly ends up bowing to human kind.
Even the Pokemon god can be defeated by a 10 year old kid with items purchased from his local CVS store.
And Mutants are superior to humans in every way (even the derped ones).

So X-Men > Most Mutants > Mundane Normal Human Adults > 10 year old boy > Every Single Pokemon, Digimon, Final Fantasy Summons, Tamagochi, Yugioh monster, Vocaloid ever and your mom.

what about mewtwo, he had like two movies where he shows he’s willing to slapbox with humanity

and then there’s my homeboy alakazam, who is as smart as a super computer and is probably aware that people suck

That’s not how you spell Gary Oak.

Still beaten by Red, a 10 year old boy armed only with supplies from his local CVS store.

Beak gets badass eventually at least. In a timeline that no longer exists.

I dont think items were useable during gen1

Then there is Gengar which is essentially a E rated Freddy Krueger. If we are talking about if it was just a big battle they could just earthquake spam and body the whole earth.

Why did I read Kromo’s post? I feel like my brain needs a cold shower…