Who would win in a fight?


Who would win in a fight?

ELDERGOD (old man)



This Guy:


Personally, I think the other guy stands a chance, even though Phil weighs 325lbs.

EDIT: what de fuck, who voted for Fill? That mother fucker couldn’t benchpress a butterfly.

Phil has a physical disability so making a poll like this is really fucked up.

Last I heard he stopped be a dick and only helped run tournaments, so I will have to kindly ask you to shut the fuck up.

okay, i made the fight fair.

you’re in trouble, the other guy look intimidating.

Are all you motherfuckers on this site disabled?

That explains everything.

Hush now.

…don’t insult the overwhelming majority of the disabled.

no vs threads

I was expected the first name to be Sephiroth. The internet isn’t quite as predictable as I thought.

Including the thread poster

SRK GD went to the nerds (maybe its elitist, like the dude on Big bang theory) back in 08 and the weirdos that stick around but don’t play any games
they just made SRK GD into Laguna beach



Word. I was expecting Son Goku.

I don’t mind.

Word. I was expecting Goku vs Superman but ElderGOD is close enough.

Ain’t no way Eldegod or Phil would win that fight. Sadly, no VS threads in GD.