Who would you like to see in SOTA Series 3 figures

What figure would you like to see in the SOTA Series 3 figure line? Anyone know if SOTA going let the public vote for the Series 3 figures?

Personally i would like a Balrog, Feilong, Guile, Rose,adon, and Zangief.

YOu know what would be nice? An Action figure of Gouken and Gogetsu. That would be very sweet… SOTA hope you are reading this thread.

Akuma! R. Mika! Dan! Sakura! !?!?!

Guile, Charlie, and the rest doesn’t matter.

amen. One of the two ought to be there!
Can we wxpect SF3 characters…?

Rock the Vote

Zangief, Dan

you can actually vote now for the series 3 figure. Just go to SOTATOYS.com

Yep. Posted a link up above.


Just wanted to make a direct link :slight_smile:

i voted:

category 2: ibuki
category 3: rolento
category 4: hugo
category 5: guy
category 6: dimitri maximov

anyone else want to share their votes?

R.Mika - save Sakura for series 4 to keep it strong. Give R.Mika’s giant tits now.
Adon - will go well with Sagat!
Hugo - would have gone for Balrog, but hoping to see a Hugo/Poison double pack, even if she is really a he.
Gen - just a cool character.
Dimitri - shrug where’s Morrigan/Lillith double pack at?

Slot 1: Excellent Guile making an appearance :slight_smile:

Slot 2: R Mika… Come on she’s a Female Wrestler… Doesnt get much better then that.

Slot 3: Hmmm Tough choice… I really like all 3 of these characters but Rolento gets my vote.

Slot 4: Hugo for me… As much as i would like to see the other 2 i think Hugo would be Awesome.

Slot 5: Guy Definatly Guy

Slot 6: Don’t really care much for Darkstalkers but i guess Demitri gets my vote.

Personally i think you need to lay off The Street fighter 2 chars for now… Seeming as we now have 9 out of 10 in the First series.

But still No matter who gets voted im getting every single one.

I voted…



Balrog - I too would have loved to see a Hugo/Poison double pack but since Bison,Vega,and Sagat are already on the way might as well get Balrog out there.




Those got my votes.

First off, I like to know when these toys are coming out. I’ve seen previews of the second series but have yet to see the first series on sale anywhere.

well i checked with gamestop and the release date have been pushed back from aug 13th to september 1st. Hopefully after this there wont be no more delays. Im actually looking forward to these figures. AnyOne know if these figures going to be at the same scale as the resaurus figures? From the look of it, it looks like they might be a little smaller.

Their in the same scale as Marvel Legends.





“Gogetsu”? :lol:

gogetsu is the master of akuma and gouken.

It’s spelled GOTETSU, not GOGETSU.