Who would you use in Tekken 6?

Bruce, kazyua, jin, lili, and lee
i might consider learning learning one of the new characters DEFINATLEY NOT MIGEL he looks cheap lol

lili, julia, jack and zafina.

They’re gonna nerf Steve and I wont play anymore

I’m playing whoever is broken…fuck the dumb shit

Easy, I’ll play Asuka, Ling and Jin until I figure out who else I like…

Bob, that fat fuck

Damn, I got beat to it, but forreal that fat nigga Bob, I can’t WAIT.

But a lot of people have a bunch of new animation that makes me interested in them again.

Law - has completely turned into Bruce Lee, new stance, animation and even audio to match…will be my main.

Eddy - Anyone who has played me online knows he’s my main guy anyway. He’s the epitome of tricky and that’s what I like

Lee - has some fly new kicks and juggles appear to actually consist of more than mist step bullshit. I actually like his p1 costume now too.

Jack 6 - Picked up Jack in 5/DR and it seems he’s only gotten better so I’m certainly gonna stick wit em.

Julia, Hwoarang and Asuka :lovin:

LMAO, fa sho :lovin:

Based on the videos, I’d use Bob and Miguel for their pwning ways and Dragunov because I want to try his 20 second long bound combos, heh.


All my hoes…my man Lee Chaolan! and any other cute/sexy looking guys. no uglies

the hispanic pimp, Miguel.

close thread.

Lili, cause she’s been my main since i started playing dr (don’t worry i’m not the kind that does flips all day long, or other lag abusing tactics, i’m not a fan of those peeps either :sweat:)

Miguel, looks fun, doesn’t seem too high focused on combos and juggles to win, it’d be fun to try it out

Jin, maybe because he’s a midboss? hoping for some brokenness

and of course my man Bruce, Muay Thai all day

I’ll continue with Lili (also not a cartwheel abuser; honestly I don’t understand why I watch everyone on T5DRO get owned by that, then get countered for big damage when I do one), but definitely play Bob. Best character design ever!

Armor King & Lili

My brother will be using Yoshimitsu and Ganryu.

Also… Devil Jin Looks badass but I have a feeling you can’t use him against other people… Can you?

Everyone is fair game except for Jinpachi, who I’m not even sure will make another appearance.

asuka, lili, julia

AK son.

i wouldent use any, becuse the games shit and all the charicter designs are bland, boring, uncreative and just plain crap