Who you wanna hear from first?


I have limited time since I’m trying to level up my MSP before ECC, so not everyone will get an interview.

Actually they probably will, but just tell me who you want to hear from first.


Christopher Walken.


the governor of San Fran

ps why are marvel/dipset so goddamn funny


whats the point of this thread exactly?


it was a mole hunt to flush out the douche…we found you.


cause if you rock the pink mink, you can put it in the stink

Also. San Fran = City. City has a mayor. State has a governor. Just thought I’d point it out. Even Dipset knows that shizzle.




dpc for laughs


i was thinking about that. i’m sure a lot of people are curious as to what is going through duc jr.'s mind. but before I can consider him as a candidate. He must answer this question for journalism integrity: Did Wgifall make him cry?


the dark prince is being interviewed by more important people very soon


lol @ clock


you ungrateful fucks. No one voted for Murder Rape Counter Strike. Well unless I see at least 20 votes by Sat midnight…no more vids released. Don’t bit the hand that feeds you.


you need to up your nickname game

murder rape counter strike is pretty shitty


I voted for Mike Rizzle.


Will keep it real. If i made that name for you, you’d be ecstatic. Instead all you got is Louis Vuitton Panty Liner Dispenser.


lol not even i voted for myself. u are 30x dope


^ I would’ve voted for Deus too but he’s not an option =/


ahh Deus = Will Wellman =]


Dark Prince