Who You Win With VS Who You Like


I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem. I feel as though I win far more playing a style that I don’t enjoy; I love playing defensively, but I win far more just rushing down. I think I’m I’m a solid enough player that it’s not just a question of defence being harder (not saying it is, just an idea).

Obviously the point of playing a game is to have fun, and I do have fun with my defensive characters, but losing games that I believe I could have taken otherwise is not exactly fun. And it seems as though the amount of work I’d have to put in to make myself better defensively would make me significantly more better offensively.


What kind of answers do you want now? Is there a question hidden somewhere?



  1. ken
  2. everyone else


I’m wondering if anyone else felt like this. Or what people think of the satisfaction of winning versus enjoying your specific character, like when Daigo changed to Yun, maybe. Obviously that’s got sponsoring involved, but Yun did not suit him at all.


If you can only enjoy a game by winning then that’s your problem.


I went out of my way to clear this up in the original post.


Thats a personal choice for you to make, The question to ask yourself is:

Do I have more fun winning or playing defensively? It is likely to change at times(for example after you get your ass kicked 5 times in a row…it may lean toward winning)

What would I do?
I would play both ways depending on my current feeling of what is going to be more fun at the time.

You dont HAVE to pick one or the other.


That… is a good idea. I guess I had this mindset that I had to play one character until I had mastered them. Thanks dude!


No not really. What you’re saying is you like to play defensively but you lose a lot so it’s not fun. Keep in mind that AE is a game in which rushdown characters are generally better so that would explain why you win more when playing offensively.


No prob glad u like it


@ Dundle
Do you play defense and rushdown on different characters? If so, which?


I only win with the characters I like

style doesn’t matter; learn to adapt


I only play with the character I like. I can’t even comprehend playing someone I didn’t like. I’m imagining you sitting there looking like hitman monkey


I certainly win more (and more easily) with Ken than Rose, although I prefer playing (and play - or at least try to play - ‘better’) her.

So it goes…


I like to play Rose, I win with her, but I’ve always liked Zangief the most (Mostly because of his theme song) I hate grapplers though, which is why I don’t play him.


Having fun and losing is kinda winning. Winning and not having fun is boring. Find the middle.


Only fat people believe they can win a fight without throwing a punch.

As for styles, I tend to win with Howrang and just use Rolento for the heck of it. To me the stages look like shit but that mad ex hide out one is not bad, all you do is have matches nothing else. Even if they buffed the chick characters, I’d still get bored with the game. The worst part of all is having a game without much content and knowing there is already finished content that wont be released for at least a year and priced at an exagerated amount.

In other words, I’m bored with the game also, don’t see much of a point of having it for much longer.


I LOVE Yang. I like his playstyle, how he looks, his moveset, everything. On the other hand I hate him because he is so hard to play properly (and I’m bad) and when playing him I always seem to get randomed out by the most stupid shit (I know, it’s my fault, but you have to be almost perfect execution wise to not fuck up - which I’m far from).

So sometimes there are those moments when I just can’t take it anymore cause I invested a fair time into this character yet lose to people ho apparently play this game for 1 week max. Then I switch to my backup characters (Ryu, Guile, Rose - ironically all zoners) which I really don’t know how to play and win some games. It’s amazing how easy they are in comparison lol. Like with rose I don’t know a single combo other than c.mp or c.mk into whatever special and manage to win against players who crush my yang. I guess - for me at least - playing zoning characters or being defensive in general is far easier than playing rushdown. Maybe it’s the fact that you can gauge a player’s skill level better when on the defensive, doing that with Yang is maybe my biggest problem.


Are you going to tournaments? Depending on the answer you give is the explanation I can give you.


What is this I don’t even