Whoa whoa hold on, wait a minute

What the hell’s a Dim Mak?!

def tuts


Nice, but brick not hit back!

Northwest Coast

Dim Mak is a death touch… of course you probably new that.

there is also a record company called dim mak… aren’t they in seattle?

It’s Luigi’s forward smash… =[

What kind of a deal?

You lose, American asshole.

Okay USA!

Hey baby, you ever been with a real big man?

Pick a brick. Any brick. I know, the bottom one. Graaaahhh! smash See, not a scratch! :looney:

I ain’t your pal dickface

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend. (Point thumb to knee)

You Jackson? You look like a Jackson.

Hey dick, wait till you see my bitch!

This is actually the most confusing SRK thread I’ve ever read. I think that’s saying a lot. Am I just drunk, or…?

“…like ‘put up your dukes!’ right?”

Mechanica, there is source material for all the references here :slight_smile: Spoiling the source would kill some of the fun though… :frowning:

Side Note: for a deeper reference… anyone know where this one came from? “I’m the best! I’m the best!” Sad part is… that was the only thing uttered the whole time by the source.

My body’s ready, my heart’s on fire, I’m gonna push it over the wire, perfect timing–tight as a drum–the final battle’s already won. I’m taking hold of every moment, given strength by the breath of life, I’m gonna stake my claim–I fight to survive! I’ve worked hard every night and day so I’m prepared to make my way; mind and body are the perfect team, now’s my chance to live my dream.

He’s the American shithead who makes tricks with bricks!