Whom do you like more, Ross or Granov?

who is your preferred paint artist? I won’t say better artist because they are both crazy and have a much different style. Ross has intensity in his while granov has a clean and polished look.
I’m settling on adi now because his extremis art is stupid good and there is something about those nova covers that just amazes me.


Alex Ross’ stuff is just incredibly boring and repetitive.

There is no reason at all to curse out members malicously for having a different opinion. Said post has been removed. Repeat, and an infraction will come. It’s right there in the rules of the comic book forum, please familiarize yourself with them.

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Garnov for me; I loled at some of the facial expressions in IronMan Extremis.

Okay no cursing, but I have one question have you ever seen anything Alex Ross has done because I have thought a lot of things when looking at his stuff and boring never came to mind. I think if you do see his stuff again if you had already I suggest opening your eyes.

granov not garnov

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I’m much more familiar with Ross’s work, but Granov has impressed me. His work seems to have an extra layer of fantasy to it that, to me, puts his art more in touch with its superhero comic roots. I do like Ross’s promo stuff, but it’s poor for storytelling and occasionally veers from “epic” to “wax museum.” Knowhuttimean?

I like Granov more I think. I used to really be into Ross’ stuff and I think his work on kingdom come is awesome, but it starts to become a little repetitive and kinda looks too much like Andrew Loomis’ art (Ross’ male figures resemble Loomis’ stuff a lot imo). If you guys are into realistic superhero art check out Marko Djurdjevic’s Marvel covers they’re hot:

ya marko is crazy
im crazy about daredevil so i love most of the covers he has made, and almost made me shit my pants when i saw his few pages in dd #100 as well as that cover to cover art

and speaking of that, lee bermejo is pretty crazy too

“Whom,” not “Who.” :angel:

I like Adi Granov more, but I don’t think it’s really fair to compare the two because they paint in different styles.

I think that Ross is a good storyteller, but sometimes his photorealism makes it feel like I’m looking at cosplayers play acting. And I don’t like cosplay. At all. There are times when his Batman just looks like a fat guy dressed up in Adam West’s old costume.

One of Ross’ works that stands out in my mind was this one issue of Sandman Mystery Theatre where he illustrated a brief (maybe 8 pages) sequence in black and white. That sort of noirish realism is infallible compared to his superhero art. But he seems to rely on his painting to maintain his reputation, because I don’t think he’s ever officially published any art that was just his pencils without his paints. I would really like to see him do traditional penciling (and inking, probably) because I think he’s a really skilled artist.

His DC art book has some of his non-painted artwork.

yeah dude daredevil is in my top 2 and that artwork in #100 was awesome. that bermejo piece is nice!

Yeah, there’s a lot of nice pencils and sketches in that book. I would just like to see him pencil an actual comic.