Whooping Zangiefs ass?


Recenty on XBL I’ve been getting beaten, or almost beaten by a few Geifs. usually in rolling grooves. I mean. these guys are usually scrubs. They grab me out of their rolls (they roll then grab) when I jump in…I’m afraid to get in. I tried poking a bit but they rolled and grabbed -.-…anyone got any gief-killing shit?

I use K S and P groove
K- Terry Rock/Kyo Geese(2)

S-Terry Rock Kyo(2)

P-Ken Kyo Rock(2)


It doesn’t seem like they know what they are doing so do this.

Jump in at them, make em roll (they should be using ppp lariats) then jump straight up. Footsie the hell out of them. I don’t know if footsies work on live because footwork on a3 and st is tough online. Don’t be too obvious in ur poking. I’m assuming ur throwing laggy moves like the fierce stuff. Mix it up with mk,mp,lp,lk. And what about making THEM attack you. Majority of roll 360 giefs don’t use his nice pokes. And since u play against scrub giefs, cammy and chunli will work great vs them, but not against good ones. Tell me what happens.

O. One more thing. U should use C for ur P team so once u baited a 360, u can j.hk super or something.


if they’re scrubs, just use j.rh or j.fierce as your pokes…

since you have small jump…use small jump rh/fierce as ur pokes
this is probably the easiest way to beat gief…
u’ll trade hits at times, but trading hits is way better than getting hit by a SPD…
u’ll take damage, but winning is more in ur favor…
yes this is a rather stupid way to win, but if you really need to get through his gief… then taking hits wont’ really matter as long as you win…

if they roll, jump…since they’re scrubs…they’ll probably whiff a spd out of the roll even if they see you jump…so it shouldn’t be too hard if you keep jumping…


Take Athena and low fierce all day…I’m serious.


Ahh yes, the Roll-And-Grab

at the first sign of this, scrubs yell : CHEAP!!!

And considering your playing against a grab Char.( The one with the HIGHEST HP!!! I might add.) I can imagin how frustrating it is. well there always a way around a good old R.A.G.

  1. throw his roll
    now i kow im just saying this, hell you may be saying: " OK! " but its not as easy as it sounds,

  2. jump in
    i can read here you afraid of getting caught. Try Super jump, and cross it up so you wont have any worrys.

I hear there is no RC in XBL ( can some one correct me? ) so try using kyo’s run and grab. remeber to mix up.

for rock: i also use him in S so what i can suggest is staying away and pulling qcf.lp and if it hits go for a hard edge and if not go for the .mp version. I would explore the properties of his qcb.rh to make sure of its properties, you know what, i will acctually, i wanna see if it slips under grabs, could be intresting;cuz its stupid if its only use for the evac toss and you can only slip behind if the opponent doesnt do anything.

any ways hope it helps.