Who's a better anchor?


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Anyway, I’ve been using the team in my sig (except Dormmy used to be Nemesis) since day one of Ultimate’s release. The minute I found out that this Resident Evil monstrosity was going to be in the game, I set my sights on maining him into my team. I kept that team for about…5 months or more, I believe. Then, I had set my sights on Dormammu. After playing around with him for a few hours I started to use him more and more online until finally I just decided to have him be there permanently. Now, I’m having second thoughts.

So I guess my question would be: Which would you consider to be a better anchor? Nemesis, or Dormammu? Obviously Dorm has a gazillion more options in terms of playing keepaway and zoning. He’s also a force to be reckoned with purely through the chips that he can throw out. Yet on the other hand, Nemesis has raw power. It’s fairly easy for me to TOD almost any character once I’ve got them locked down with Nemesis. His normals are super strong, and his Hyper’s do crazy amounts of damage when combined with X-Factor properly.

What do you guys think? Would it be more beneficial to drop Dormmy for Nemesis, or keep him?


Nemmy’s supers are shitty and his assists are sub par. He also has very weak mix up without an assist.

Dorm is pretty much the opposite except when it comes to the assists and his one decent assist is still plenty better than any of Nemmy’s.

You could have just asked this in the team building thread…but yeah.


I don’t spend a lot of time on the Ultimate threads, but thanks for the heads up. I’ll post it in a comment over there.



He has supers with super armor which are way better then Dorm’s supers, you can mash S and stuff for easy hit confirms, if you can get an x-factor 3 comeback with him you can taunt without worry because it’s kinda hard for the opponent to notice since he has such a subtle taunt, he has more life, his level 3 is so awesome, and he has a cooler alt costume.


But in all seriousness, Dorm is a far superior anchor. No question about it.




one good thing about nemesis is if u team super he picks them up with the rocket, but then again they tend to fall out before hes even done his slow ass super


As long as the second or third hit lands, it should knock them down. I think.


I meant, using it as an OTG, like franks shopping cart in team supers


It still applies. If the second or third land, it means he will hit them with the overhead smash no matter what.


Try playing Nemesis as your anchor against a capable player. I give it 5 minutes before you figure out the answer for yourself.


Seems like a good answer. For any further questions on this thread, please use the One And Only Team-Building thread.