whos all here?

Valaris, guru, pgorath, dios, grog and are fucking bored.

Pm me of you wanna game

Yo. I am having trouble sending a pm, but my buddy and I are in Rio eating downstairs. What is the plan?

I’m back in my room now. 1323. I only have my ps2 and 3s and my stick. if you wanna play some 3s, just bring a PS2 stick

I’ll be there tonight. Probably get there too late for early badge pickup though.

send me a pm if you want to play sf4/mvc casuals this weekend. Leave your number, and if anyone is holding casuals in their rooms looking for anyone new to play, send me a pm with the info (room, etc) and a phone #

This weekend is going to be awesome!

I’m here, what times early badge pickup?

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It starts at 2.
No one in my room plays mvc…will love someone to play.
I’m bout to head downstairs now anyway.

You wanna session?

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I’m in the starbucks downstairs. not the one by the elevator, but the other one by the buffet place. I only have a 360 controller but I’ll play with you guys if you come find me or post when and where you’re playing

someone post a room number where ssf4ae casuals are going on or PM me the info!

Same here

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Anybody else in the Ipanema Tower? Might be running casuals in a bit, we’ve got a PS3, 2 TE’s and MvC3/SSF4AE.

I am.

Just got here. Woo.