Who's better out of Ryu & Ken, in terms of normals and pokes

Who’s better out of Ryu & Ken period

As I have never really used their normals and pokes properly and which ones and I have seen some peeps uses Ken pokes and specials with kicks and how do you do them ?

I mean Ken is better than Ryu in 3S, so who’s better in CVS2 as I use N or K groove

You’re asking how to do pokes with ken . . . . . :confused:. By Kens special kick I guess you mean his “funky kick” which is qcf + k (tap). Some easy combos with that are cross up mk, d.lk x 3, qcf + k. J.fp, (close)S.fp, qcf + k. I must say though you worded those questions like a homo.

Also I am asking who normal punches and kicks are better out of Ryu and Ken.

what about properties in special moves and supers, as I see some peeps srk after certain supers by ken

Also if Bart can be El Barto, I don’t see why I can’t be El Homo

I think out of their set of normal moves Ryu has better ones, but don’t quote me on that. I believe his d.mp has an advantage over Ken’s (some bullshit to do with frame advantage or some shit) probably making Ryu a better rush down character then Ken overall. Ryu’s hop-kick and standing fierce are also nice to have. Ken has his standing fierce kicks which have nice range, but there only really useful to punish wiffs or end block strings (unless you’re in a-groove). Ken is considered better overall because he can dish out more damage then Ryu in certain grooves like C and A. I still like Ryu over Ken in any other groove though (P,S,N,K).

You must mean C Ken doing lvl 2 shoryureppa, qcb + jab, dp + fierce.
First of all, C Ken is considered the best version of Ken. In C GROOVE, you can do level 2 cancels (meaning after you do a level 2 super, you can cancel it into a special move (qcf, qcb etc).

Oh and there’s no such move as qcf + k. It’s hcf + k. Stick with the lk version.
You can do cr.short, cr.short, lvl 2 shoryureppa, qcb + jab when the super is almost over, then dp + fierce. You can also do dp + lp, and then level 1 shinryuken but most ppl save the level 1 to build it back to level 2.

oh my bad that’s what i meant lol.

Only in the corner.

Ryu and Ken both are good fighters. Both can win (obviously) and both have ways of getting damage in. I don’t use Ken nor Ryu so this is based on my knowledge of watching other people using them.

s.Fierce is a good poke. I don’t have frame data or whatever but its a good guard string ender, it stops people from jumping if they’re grounded, its recovery is pretty bad so don’t just whiff these.
c.strong has good priority on it, you can use it to hit limbs that are in recovery and has a weird priority to it.
Once you get in, a c.short will become a L2 super (or L3 depended on groove) if it hits. c.short c.short c.forward XX Shinkuu Hadouken is a good combo to learn and its Ryu’s main way of dealing damage.
Far s.RH for grounded antiair. c.Fierce for anti crossup.
His Hop kick, towards+ forward, is a good closing space move. Granted you can get hit out of it during its startup I believe you are in the air during this move so you can’t get supered from a normal hit.
c.forward (How did I forget this): Good low move for Ryu, can cancel into his supers or a special. Good move for just poking in general, forces opponents to block low.

s.RH is such a great stuffing move. Its use can be compared to the s.Fierce of Ryu. Up close, this is Ken’s best meaty attack.
Towards+ RH is a move that might catch people off guard if they are wiggling back and forth in a footsies fight. Like Guile’s s.RH, Ken moves forward and kicks. By the time you see Ken move you are too late to do anything but block.
c. forward is basically the same for Ken as it is for Ryu
c.short is your damage dealing normal. You hit a c.short c.short and you can cancel into Super (Shoryureppa or Shipuu Jinrai Kyaku depending on groove)

Hes asking for normals and pokes, not specials. I don’t and wouldn’t use his funky kick as a poke, Its not safe if whiffed contrary to people’s beliefs, RCed or not. Its just that hitting it is so hard that if you whiff one from midscreen they can’t hit you, you whiff one in my face and my Sagat will s.Fierce XX Cannon it. People use it to build meter… from full screen away.

ryu’s far s.hp and s.f+mk are both really good

far s.hp is super cancelable (so you can whiff punish with far s.hp xx super)

rc funky kick is too good

Ken is the better character imo.
He has better specials, supers, and customs.

They share alot of the same normals.
The normals they dont share like, S.RH is debateable which is better.
Ken can punish Blanka ball with his, Ryu can use his as anti-air.