Whos better? Rog or AKuMa?


i main cammy and shes such a sweetheart but im having major matchup problems but anywayz i need a second option i want viper but u have to main viper to get the full presence of her rushdown so f dat i tried, rog is nice but idk, akuma damage is a issue for me cuz my defense sux, ryu( everyone uses him unattractive) idk whos a better option i need some help with this one im so confused!if any other players i havent mentioned plz feel free i need some debates!


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Yeah, I mean, Ryu’s black belt isn’t even Dolce & Gabbana! EEEWWWWWW! :wasted:


Dan is the best character look at how wacky he is!


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You are not going to get a straight answer with a question like that. Every one has thier own opinion as who is better. My advice, play with them all and find one you like then stick with them. That is the best answer you will get.


i kno that but i want opinions thats why im askin buut everyone acts like asses for no reason just unnecessary shyt


You should ask for opinions at least in the character specific subforums in the Street Fighter IV area. Actually you shouldn’t cause those guys would hate you too.

At the risk of sounding like a guy with a serious answer, learn Akuma. Learn how to keep the fuck away and zone and learn when you need to get in and rush that shit down into kara raging demon. S’what makes him so dangerous. There are plenty of high level play/tournament videos that can attest to this.


thats all i ask for is a answer im jugglin chars which isnt always a good thing but nevertheless thanx


there is nothing preventing you from researching the characters on your own. what are you expecting from this thread?


Samchay is better…

Instead of asking on the forums, try the characters out and get good with them.


expectin u not to add any of ur useless comments thats what


I recommend Shang Tsung that way you can be everyone at once.


Skim through the SFIV Characters boards then hit up training mode, that’s what I’d do…

oh yeah next time don’t make this kinda thread, it clogs up the FGD…


thanx krazy imma add u


I only have SFIV for the 360 atm playa…


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