Who's building a cab for SF4?

I know some of us here on SRK own cabs of one sort or another and prefer to play our games on a cab even at home.

So who plans on building a cab to house SF4, T6, VF5, Blaz Blue, and ST Remix?

I’m probably going to build a half cab sort of like cigarbob’s and put a CRT HD Monitor on top so I can play all games in their native res’s.

What kind of set up are you guys thinking about?

I was thinking the same question. A new generation of arcade machines are here, so we need to step-up our home arcade equipment.

I’m looking into some HD monitors between 32-40 inchs and I’m looking to build a low profile, 2-player arcade stick that would accept a New Net City, Lindbergh, or late model Taito control panel. Whats a good, fast response gaming monitor for such a setup?

i figure these modern LCDs are just fine. a 2ms delay is pretty much nothing. to Illustrate VF5 is a very frame dependant game but the japanese cabs use LCD monitors.

Show me a 2ms lcd over 24’’ let alone 30".

5ms is roughly 1/3rd a frame at 60hz(where a frame is something like 16ms), and I’ve seen bunches of 22/24" LCDs at 5ms.

the fastest thing you can get over 24" is 3ms up to a 32" lcd then its on to 6-12ms

What screen does the Taito Viewflix use?

Response time has nothing to to with the actual input delay, it has to to with the ‘ghosting’ which is basically after-imaging.

man, all this stuff is a bit over my head, better stick to playing my old arcade games on my old arcade monitor until someone makes a guide.;).

Exactly, and anything 8ms or under is near unnoticeable.

Even though they are completely different, input lag and image lag should theoretically have the same end effect to us.

By my understanding, any total delay under 16 ms (one frame) should be unnoticeable as well… but I hear many people vouch for the contrary. Would anyone be able to clarify this one for me?

EDIT: More on topic, doesn’t Tekken 6 have a non-HD version, or at least the ability to scale down its resolution, so it can be played on ye olde non-dedicated candy cabs? I recall seeing a YouTube vid of it running on an Astro City in Vancouver.

I think 8ms or below is fine personally. I can notice between 10 and 17 ms, however.

As for your Tekken 6 question, you can actually hack it to run on an Astro City or similar. The game will run in 640x480 @ 31khz, but you’ll have black bars on the top and bottom since the game is widescreen-only. It’s also much blurrier at this resolution, making the text difficult to read.

hopefully SFIV will have the same capability as Tekken 6 so American operators can stick it in old CVS2/3S/ST cabs.

I scoured Google regarding this and came up with one instance of T6 running on a Blast City and one instance of VF5 running on a Blast City. Who knows if other HD games will be able to do this.

since arcade and TV monitor technology are pretty much exactly the same now, what’s the point of even building a cab? console + sticks + desk + screen sounds like it’ll be ok IMO. and a lot more flexible too. who wants to watch movies on an arcade cab?

Near-sighted people with good posture. :wgrin:

After looking at photos of the Vewlix, Sega Lindbergh, and Tekken 6 cabs, I’m really disappointed with the turn aesthetics have taken as a whole. Some of the older candy cabs were very attractive, but I don’t like the look of any of the new HD Japanese cabs.

I have a good setup for my PS3 for VF5, TV is a 57" 1080i CRT RP. I have it running through my HT, so sound is excellent. I’m getting a VSHG for my controller, so I’ll pretty much have an arcade-perfect controller, for VF5 at least.

That being said, there’s still something about playing on an arcade machine. I’ve thought about getting a 26" or 32" LCD HDTV, and working up a modern style DIY cab (no MDF or wood, I’d want a sit-down style, more similar to a Japanese cab). I’d probably never do it, but it is nice to think about.


I watched movies on an arcade cab. lol
funny life.

i got a cab in the works that will have an HD crd TV that allows for VGA inputs… AFIK taiato’s default video is vga

This thread is full of marketing ratings.

2ms, 5ms, 12ms - these mean different things to different people. Are they measuring black to black? Grey to grey? Recharge time?

Be very careful when you judge a panel on arbitrary values such as these, particularly when marketdroids come up with the measurements, and there’s no centralised body to keep them honest, let alone using the same metrics of measurement.

On topic: AFAIK Taito Vewlix cabs use Samsung 720p monitors:

I know Nanao were the darling of the arcade industry during the CRT phase, but lately they have switched over to the film and broadcast market for LCDs (I’ve seen their LCD broadcast monitors, and they sure as heck aren’t cheap!).