Who's calling who a scrub!?!?


As a player who has had the problem with changing my main every 2weeks, i have trek’d through many a SRK page finding stratergies for the various characters i play (sagat, cody adon, rufus to now dudley).

There is allot of information about a number of tactics used in allot of different match ups which im sure has taken many players allot of effort to find and document.

But one thing i have found in all of these pages, which decent players have spent many hours over, is allot of bullshit whining about scrubby tactics or stupid match ups. Now dont get me wrong i understand some match-ups are very advantageous to the opponent, my real problem is that the things people whine about are not the most difficult things about that match-up which leads to the fact that these players aren’t playing the match up correctly.

As a huge fan of this website, I am worryingly getting frustrated that quailty of the information i am recieving is actually not beneficial…rather its detrimental to my game!

A personal favorite of mine is reading any post where someone is being called a scrub, because im starting to see 85% of shoryuken.com are scrubs…and the rest are trying to play correctly and blaming everyone else for their loss!

Dont know if people will agree with this…and if you did then your properly admiting that 85% of the things you read srk is nothing more than stressful, bitter ass comments…that just arent very interesting.


This section of the forum is basically worthless other than the tier list thread. Some of the character sub forums are probably fine as well.

The SSF4 section of the forum is gamefaqs with an occasional appearance from Sosage to close worthless threads. :tup:


I’m calling you a scrub.


I’m calling myself a scrub.


srk post 2009 is a shadow of what it used to be, are you surprised?
there are still good posts/threads here and there, but with the influx of new payers that dont know how fighting games works and still feel that their opinion should be taken in account, the quality of the info would simply fall apart sooner or later


Welcome to the Internet, where you can’t choose the company you keep. I sympathize with the quality issue and have done what I can since vanilla to support a certain level of discussion around here. But the problem you describe has been around since alt.games.sf2. My dropping elbows on certain thread types, like for example “choose my character” threads, is an attempt to push people to not be mentally lazy and contribute (or read what others have contributed). I sticky good threads where I can. Listen to what people who contribute want. etc. …but if people aren’t adding good content, there isn’t much that can be done.

My only advice for raising the quality of discussion here is being proactive. If you think people are wrong, tactfully make a case. If you think a stickied thread is abandoned and you think you can handle updating the OP, step up and tell me you’re taking over. If you think you have useful information, share it.

omfg the tier thread. I forgot I left that iron on.


Welcome to the Internet.

You are complaining with this thread,

As a player trying to better them self, you need to filter out all of the dumb information that a public forum; the Internet, can bring and filter the important with the unimportant.

Dont make excuses for yourself about not improving.

Or the quality of information. If you think people complain too much and the quality of the forums is poor, just do what people were doing before the blow up of streams, YouTube, and forum popularity, figuring it out for themselves.

Relying on someone else for the information you are looking for hinders the learning process.

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I definitely feel what you’re saying. The SRK forums are a complicated place lol There is a lot of hate and negativity, but there are also many amazing friendships that are partially or even entirely brought to life through the boards. There are a lot of dumbasses, but some of them occasionally make excellent points that might or might not be acknowledged as such by other posters. There are a lot of really smart and passionate people, and some of them occasionally go on epic tirades defending some opinion that is untrue or at the very least IMO untrue or just a waste of mental energy and time haha

Recently I’ve come to think of it as like a… big thrift store or used CD store or whatever, where almost everything pops up at some time or another, and sometimes you see a lot of stuff you like and sometimes you leave muttering “Dear God, why do I still shop here?”

It is what it is, and in a way it is what you make of it. At first I thought JoeLewis was being harsh, but the truth is you’re basically saying in a few sentences and without any practical suggestion on how to improve things that “I’m beginning to think this place is garbage,” and that might not be well received by everybody. I do think in a lot ways you are pretty much right, in large part because I think actually playing these games is a better way to spend time rather than endlessly debating issues that are very often not well understood by either party and even harder to articulate and quite possibly more distractions than anything else in the first place.

My advice: look for objective information like system mechanics and frame data and such, find videos to watch, find players to play online or offline, find out/organize events and tourneys, maybe make a few friends along the way. Don’t get too involved in people’s opinions on anything, and try to contribute to the boards yourself with a positive attitude, because every person does make a difference.


Welcome to the internet. The home of the whiners and complainers.

Best advice I can give you, is just to learn to sift through the shit to find the diamonds of information that are worth learning. Not everyone here is a forum troll or stream monster who posts bad information or idiocy online, and yet never shows up to an offline event. You just have to make prolific use of your common sense and critical thinking skills to filter the information you read here.


Quality of SRK went down when SF4 hit. If you want quality information I recommend trying to get in contact with top players who play the same character that you want to play. Even better would be to actually travel to where said players play and playing them and watching how they play and learning from them.


Welcome to the internet.

Because it’s already been repeated 3 times and I want to be in the cool group.


Cheers to everyone who have replied, i suppose for me i just wanted to see if their were other people thinking the same thing.

And i’ve also noticed i never myself said anything on how to help with what i was complaining about, until i read this i properply wouldnt have thought about doing something about it

. i suppose i answer my previous question with the result being “if i want it better then i make it better!”


scrubs call people scrubs




A beginner is not a scrub, a person who does not learn from their losses and complains is a scrub.