Who's comin' to UIUC this fall?



me. :o :frowning: :wink:


where you guys living?

i’ll be in FAR

go to school, it makes your brain bigger

and it means more people to play w/

whos back now?

im movin in the 23rd to Illini tower.

tell me you play ggxx and i’ll be happy:D

(you have to mean it tho)

i play mainly 3s and A3… but… im pretty shitty at GGXX. I’m in Illini Towers. Any contact info? I’ll get in touch with you if you want to play third strike or alpha 3. :smiley:

like one of us here plays a lot of 3s…and a couple play A3 if you don’t mind the dc version…

btw…where is marc?

if you want to play that, get in touch with mirror–i’m officially putting him in charge:)

(cuz we play at his place…)

also, if you want to learn some ggxx i’m always willing to teach what i know

Mirror: cool, give me ur # and we’ll get together… marc is in bromley i believe.

Smacks: give me ur # also. i can play ggxx a little, mostly shit ass johnny and faust. we’ll play.

Marc is in Garner.


been frathopping yet marc? hehe

good boozing to be had these past two days

smacks/mirror do you have AIM?

i don’t live in chambana…but i do visit at least once a week

i’ll bring my ps2 and xx when i go to mirrors–we’ll be able to play then

i won’t have internet for like 2 weeks

my cell is 217-766-9108…we could play tonight or this weekend (trying to maintain the whole “no gatherings on school days” rule)…

also, you guys can look up andrew wu and call him up or find his AIM cause he has more consistent internet than i do

hope to meet you guys soon

btw my name is bruce

my aim is smacksR2

hit me up if you have any q’s

aim: IIIlIIllllIIlIII (just copy and paste :smiley: )

cell: 630-854-8456

i work as a nettech so i can turn your internet off muahahaha and i may be busy whenever. but hit me up sometime

If you guys play with me, you will become top tier…


btw i have no computer so i’m only on late at the computer lab.

goddammit… fuck U of M I should transfer so I can have some people to play.

And I am dope I can do Eddie Unblockable… but I can’t play Eddie… this is sad… kinda like how I can do Magneto’s resets and infinites… but not land a hit with him.