Who's coming to EVO?



For me, I’m just genuinely curious =D.

Hope to meet some different Cap players from other parts of the nation/world!


I’ll be there representing Arkansas.


Repped Thor / RR / Cap @ Evo, got taken out first round by zero.

In loser’s bracket, rocked Joe / RR / Cap, went 6-0 until I got out of my pools, then I went 2-1 in quarter finals where I lost to Dark Phoenix. If I had stuck to my plan against her I would have won because I was so close to having that match.

I had a ton of Cap only comebacks, and I wish I had the video to see what I dropped where, because I dropped a ton of stuff. I still made the best of it and got pretty far.

I even trolled this one guy with Charging Star loop off of slow because I was that frustrated with his play. TAKE THAT FRANK.

Hope everyone else that came out did well. Frutsy’s MODOK/Cap/Task had the best defense I’ve ever seen. Task block string + shield -> arrows was super safe. I couldn’t believe it. Plus he was super good at dodging / blocking everything thrown at him.


Good stuff guys! I saw Jint on stream and was quite impressed! I wish I could go to an EVO sometime soon…