Who's Dead


We had a thread on who SHOULD die… But who is actually dead in SF? I know everyone has reservations but these are the ones I heard…

  1. Chun-li’s father dies due to Bison
  2. Bison dies after fighting Ryu followed by Akuma (after SF2)
  3. Gen dies after falling ill
  4. Gouken dies after fighting Akuma
  5. Go (Dans father) dies after fighting Sagat
  6. Gotetsu (Akumaa master) dies after fighting Akuma

EXTRAS: These are some people that I think are dead but I don’t think have been confirmed (but I read it somewhere)…

  1. Lee as I think he was Chun-lis father
  2. Adon dies after fighting Akuma
  3. Akuma at the end of SF3 when Ryu unlocks the powers in a good way

I think i’ve mentioned everyone lol but feel free to discuss/argue against the ones I’ve listed. I know Tiamat will have some problems with some of the ideas (Lee as Chun-lis father etc)

Mohammed Ali


You forgot Charlie/Nash.

Lee is not Chun-Li’s father, that’s a new one. He has some relation to Yun and Yang, perhaps uncle. The SF2 Fan Book states that he might of been killed by the Chinese Mafia after loosing SF1.

Rose is dead. Vega’s(Cape) soul merged with Rose’s in her body making Vega whole once again. His scientists created a new body for Vega in SF2 and the soul was transferred to that. When Gouki killed Vega with the Shun Goku Satsu, this move attacks the soul and sends you to hell. So both Rose and Vega died at the same time.

There’s a chance Guy’s dead. During SFZ3 he was opposed to Gouki and if those two ever face each other, Gouki would destroy Guy. At the end of SFZ3 (Rose’s ending) Vega’s soul entered Rose’s body. There’s a chance after Final Fight 3 Vega in a new body tracked down Guy and killed him.

The reason I say this is because Capcom has officially stated that Maki is looking for Guy. Having Guy dissapear is a convenient way for Maki to become the next Bushin Ryu Master without having to fight Guy.

It’s a bit questionable though given how much the Capcom Staff loves Guy. I tend to think he got knocked out and is in a coma somewhere listed as a John Doe. While the game will obviously be out of continuity, perhaps Capcom Fighting Jam will give us some clues as to what became of Guy.

Adon is still listed as the Muy Thai Champion so he is still alive. His story about fighting with Gouki is one of the ones that Capcom never finished and I feel they should of. Most likely if they fought, Gouki would not think of Adon enough to kill him. AKA he will only have a death match with you if you are worthy of it.


Why I think Lee is Chun-lis father…

  1. The moves Lee uses are similar to Chun-lis. Prime example, The head stomp and his fighting style is Wing Chun
  2. He has links to Gen which suggests he may be the link between Chun-li and Gen.
  3. He is related to Yang Lee and Yun Lee which sounds a lot like Chun-li :lol: A rubbish reason but still
  4. Lee has the same base as Chuns SFA base (wall of China). This is obviously a common spot but I think it shows Chun-li visiting her fathers favourate place.

There are more reasons that I can’t remember right now but it’s a possibility as Capcom havent’ released much info on him or her father. I think many of the relationships for SF characters has to be guessed by little clues they give in the game as the cannon stuff is way too vague. None of the above can really be seen as proof but it is to a certain extent suggestive. SFer is very incestious in the sence that there are many family and historical ties between the fighter. That is why it makes sence to me that Lee could be the one.

Mohammed Ali


On this forum, Udoneko already stated that they actually asked Capcom about Chun-Li’s father for this comic and Capcom actually responded that they never designed him, thus Udon should just go ahead and use Dorai for her father in the comic. This pretty much confirms that Lee isn’t Chun-Li’s father (although Capcom could always retroactively change things, though I don’t see why they’d bother at this point)


rough speculation

Gill killed by Urien. Urien’s ending may not be true, but this seems about the only way to kill Gill given that he has Ressurrection. Capcom has stated tha 3S is the end of the SFIII portion of SF.


Tiamat, you of all people should know that Capcom refuse to comment or officially link half of the things that are speculated and the other half are subject to change with every re-release of a game :lol:

Gouken got killed by Vega, no Akuma…
Cammy was Vegas lover, I mean clone…
We cannot confirm who won the SF2 tournament… Even after a dozan versions of the game :confused:

I think Capcom aren’t too bothered about the storyline, nor that it should be consistant, but certain things seem to be implied in the game. Who is it thats in charge of what’s cannon? is that guy some schitsophrenic or something? :lol:

Anyway, anyone else think there are some implied ideas or more deaths to be mentioned???

Mohammed Ali


The Vega’s lover thingy was from Capcom USA. In Cammy’s original Japanese SF2 ending, Vega tells Cammy she used to kill for him and that’s it.

So, you should rewrite your statement -

Cammy was Vega’s Assasin, I mean Assasin…:lol:


The following people in the SF universe are for sure dead, right?

Vega/M. Bison

Remy’s sister
Chun Li’s father
Makoto’s father
T. Hawk’s father
Dan’s father
(How come mothers never die?)


right on the money!:smiley:

only that there’s one little mistake.
Bison never died by akuma after fighting Ryu, Bison most likely died by akuma after fighting guile. Bison never even sended ryu an invitation to the tournament, Which shows Bison does’nt even have the slightest interest in him. Ryu only enters the tournament just for the fight. It was Guile who had a grudge on Bison and beat him.


This entire argument is severely flawed because it assumes there’ll be another Street Fighter game and that there’s a chance another Street Fighter game will ever bring up Chun-Li’s father, again.

Capcom won’t rewrite something that they won’t bother to touch. And I’m quite certain Capcom is not going to bother touching anything to do with Chun-Li’s father from here on (heck, again, we’ll be lucky if they touch Street Fighter again at all at this rate).


Just because Cuile wanted to fight Bison, doesn’t mean he made it to the end of the tournament. I still think that Ryu won. Has Capcom said nothing to confirm this???

Oh an Tiamat, I know that Capcom are not likely tp touch on the Chun-li’s dad thing again but what I was saying is that maybe when making SF2 they wanted to tie her in a little but never made it official. This would explain the numerous coincidences.

Mohammed Ali


The way I see it, either Chun-Li, Ryu, or Guile defeated Bison, seeing as how they’re the 3 main characters of the SF2 series. Personally, I think it was Ryu.


Ooooh. Well, in that case, then… er, yea, maybe, I suppose. :sweat:


I never said Guile won the tournament. I only said that Bison most likely died after getting beat by Guile.


I’m guessing Ryu won the tournament not because that’s what I prefer/would like to believe, but ‘cuz you have to be realistic about this sorta’ thing. First of all, Ryu’s Capcom’s posterboy. Capcom has been shoving this down the throats of SF fans for years. If you haven’t noticed this, then you’re a complete moron.

Secondly he plays the hackneyed protagonistic role of the japanese karate fighter/japanese guy (which almost every fighting game has). Y’know the type. These are guys like Eiji Shinjo, Kyo Kusanagi, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Haohmaru, Ryo Sakazaki (to some extent), etc. Not all these characters are Ryu clones, but they fit the same role as him.

Lastly, he’s probably the most skilled/powerful fighter in the game, storyline-wise. On top of that he’s almost always standing in front of everyone else or in the dead center on the box cover of every SF game (which I took as Capcom implying that Ryu is the main character).

Ryu’s the main character, while Guile and Chun-Li are supporting main characters, if that makes any sense. Say it was officially stated that Ryu DIDN’T win the SF2 tournament, then they would be my secondary choices. Between them, maybe Cammy, M. Bison and Sagat, the rest of the combatants are basically filler characters, storyline-wise.


Why the father thing with Chun Li? seriously, if it is already confirmed that Chun Li’s father was once an interpool agent, why should Capcom say that Lee was Chun Li’s father? I’m not sorry, but Lee being Chun Li’s father doesn’t quite make any sense to me at all. Yeah, Capcom and Udon should just leave the father thing out of it.

I think Capcom should be focusing on SF4 and bring back a few SF2 chars, especially Guile as well as all SF3 chars except Oro, Gill, and Q. The should also make new gameplay elements and bring back the some of the alpha 3 elements and third strike elements. Also, they should give the SF characters some hi res rendering and make it 3d just like they did with EX. Why not? KOF is going 3d…


Charlie is dead because M.bison killed him in the 7th street fighter comic book.


…No he did NOT. He killed him in issue friggin’ 5. :rolleyes:


I remember back in the day, some magazines said Ryu won, I know not reliable and still it hasnt been mentioned who won I think it’s Ryu, but according to the plot guide, most likely it’s Guile.
I’m pretty sure Bison sent Ryu an invitation, he was after him all through Alpha and could still do with a better body. He was also after him in the SF2 anime, which WAS canon, so I’m pretty sure he invited him. Also Ryu could have beat Bison, then left. While Guile and Bison unofficially fought and Guile defeated a weakened Bison. His family shows up and Guile leaves him alive.
Chun Li probably witnessed the fight, and maybe she killed Bison after Guile left him alive. It’s also pretty certain that Chun Li destroyed Shadowlaw/loo after the tournament as well.
That’s my take on it all.


Almost every magazine that commented on who won has said it was Ryu, and with him being at the front of almost everythink Capcom does (i.e. website, promotional stuff etc), it seems highly unlikely that they would have someone else win

I’m not sure SFAnime is Cannon but I do believe it inspired the Alpha series and hence there are a lot of parallels. Even so, Bison not inviting Ryu sounds crazy as he was after him all that time because he had never met someone so powerful.

My take on it was similar to a bit of the Anime, plus the comic book released here in 1990s (not the Malibu one). That comic seemed to be quite acurate in my eyes. It was before the Anime was released yet it also had a brainwashed Ken, and it had Ryu Vs Dhalsim which is known to be cannon. In that Ryu fights Bison right at the end and Chun-li and Guile come to watch him get beaten. I think Bison was worried about Guile getting too far into the tournament and so he went and fought him outside of the competition and left him hurt so that he couldn’t win SF2. Chun-li probibally got hurt badly in her cage match against Vega, she prob. beat him but couldn’t fight after the match properly for a while, and Ken got tossed aside after he came out of his mind control. This left Ryu to avenge him, and after he won, Akuma killed Bison. This is what I think anyway. I will post a copy of how I think the tournament went and who faught who in a week or two, after my uni exams finish. Has anyone got the level chart for how good sf2 fighters are? i.e. the one where it states Chun li is a level higher than Cammy etc. If so, that would be of great help.

Mohammed Ali