Who's doing the pencils for Dark Stalkers?

I’m already aware that Alvin, Arnold and Andrew are involved with the SF project… with Omar and Long Vo pitching in their effort as well, but who’s going to be involved with Dark Stalkers (pencilling, colouring duties, inking etc) ?

I just hope you guys won’t be spread too thin in order to work on all three Capcom properties at once.

Just curious… thanx Erik

Who knows? Maybe this is the reason for what the Talent Search is about? Get more numbers in for more projects.

I bet Alvin is doing ds while arnold is still going to do sf.

The new upcomer is going to do sf along with tsang. Just my thoughts.

Lou Kang is the artist for DS. He’s contributed alot of the promotional advertisements and is the current artist for the series.


What happened to Lou Kang? I’m grateful Alvin Lee is taking his place I was just curious. Alvin Lee is amazing, really can’t wait to get my hands on the book when its out. Keep up the good work

Who does what?

I’ve always wondered who did what for art. When you open the Street Fighter comics, it doesn’t list penciller, inks, colors, etc., just “Artists.” Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang does pencils, correct? Who does the coloring? Or do they do both sometimes? How about Rob Ross and Andrew Hou?


Lou Kang was the artists attached to Darkstalkers when Dreamwave was doing DS. Lou is now working on some other books.

sweet! Arnold and Alvin’s art are so similar… but after careful analysis, I’ve been able to discern where and and exactly when they split up the art tasks… Arnold’s illustrations of females have a distinctly more “cute, anime” feel to them… as for identifying Alvin’s art… I can’t quite explain it… the way he draws feet and toes. lol… a bit exaggerated (oversized) and a lot of detail put into them?? hahaha

Isn’t Alvin the penciller on SF? So this means that when DS is released, then the art in SF is going to be somewhat different?

I don’t know if I like that.

I believe Udon splits up the work between Alvin and Arnold, so with you saying what you just said, you didn’t notice that there were in fact TWO (or more ppl, such as Long Vo and Omar Dogan doing their fair share of the work as well) doing the art for SF.