Who's fulfilling orders faster at the moment, AkihabaraShop or Lizard Lick Amusments

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX for the Xbox 360 and I’d like to upgrade the buttons from the factory Hori buttons. I’m not sure if I’m getting Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons but that’s beside the point. What I really would like to know is who is fulfilling orders faster at the moment, AkihabaraShop or Lizard Lick? I know that many of these places have been inundated with orders since the release of SFIV. I’m currently in Columbus, Ohio if that helps any.



Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m interested in Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. Those look like Happ buttons…

I was joking with you. They’re both tied up quite a bit… Akihabara’s not as tied up, but it takes longer to ship.

I got orders from both of them. I will let you know when either or comes in.

lol. Yeah, I know. Everyone wants the Japanese parts right now so Happ’s not gonna be busy. When you say it takes longer to ship can you be more specific? Who’s gonna get the buttons to me faster if I put the order in today at both places?

AkihabaraShop hands down. I ordered a JLF from AkihabaraShop because LizardLick didn’t have the 8YT in stock or had to be done through a special order and ordered 8 Sanwa OBSF-30 from LizardLick. Both orders were done on the 14th of February. Received my JLF from AkihabaraShop yesterday(regular air mail too, would of been much faster with more expensive shipping) as my buttons from LizardLick haven’t been shipped yet.

It’s all irrelevant for me though since EB games still hasn’t received my SE fight stick yet, hopefully this week and getting the JLF to swap it in is more important than the buttons which can wait.

If you are in a hurry and have the dough, i would order from both and see who ship to you first… you will always use the extra parts anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I did LOL. I actually ordered from Akihabarashop 2 days later though. So it’s all a waiting game now.