Who's going to Burger King Tomorrow for the free fries?

I know I am


You haven’t seen the commercial yet?

should i make a fighting game joke about “free” or a united states joke about “free”

or maybe a “salty” joke, those are popular right now

so many options to choose from

idk bout yall, but bk fries make me vomit. theyre like the scum between my toes

^ ^ ^ if you were going to use any of the above then i guess your plans have just been FOILED!!! (that’s the new word for when you cook with fat and oil together)

thats why they’re “free”

But there new and improved

Nigga get outta here with some free fries. Get at me when KFC has dat free chicken again. We’ll put em out of business. Genocide on some chickens. They’ll have to start frying up some other species of bird. :rofl:

had them for the first time late last month way before the commercial.

I have not been to BK in like 3 months so when I saw the fries, I thought something was wrong.

will say they taste slightly better but Hardee’s w/ coupon assist FTW.

Stay free

I just realized that those lines on their burgers are probably 100% pure carcinogens.

I like the fries from a lot of burger joints, but when I look at the way they are made and what they do to you in the long run, I just can’t bring myself to eat greasy fast food.

Subway for life…


Off topic, but am I the only one that likes Wendy’s new fries? Best major fast food chain fries imo.

bk>mcds alll day erryday

get @ me

Important information for people who are on the court trying to make baskets:

The onions that they use at Burger King will RUIN your breath. Nothing served at any other fast food place compares to this. I’m serious. Nothing else even comes close. You cannot match this shit if you eat roasted garlic with raw pesto on it. You cannot match this shit if you eat assorted seafoods fried in fermented fish sauce. It is so potent and so powerful. You could turn a skunk inside out and deepthroat it until it’s clean and your breath would still not be as bad as it gets after you’ve eaten Burger King onions.

You can try anything you want to defeat this onion monster breath: toothpaste, mouthwash, breath mints, mint strips… they all lose. Chocolate milk, tomato juice, vinegar… they all lose. I was too scared to try gargling bleach but the thought crossed my mind. What if I cut my tongue out so that I can scrub it off better? Crazy ideas begin to form in your head when suddenly nobody wants to come within four blocks of you for a few days in a row. You do not tell Burger King onion breath when it’s time to leave. Burger King onion breath leaves when it wants to.

One time I got cut off for half a week because I ate a whopper. I had to throw out my toothbrush too. I’m not kidding you. I know because it was Whopper Wednesday and by the time Sunday rolled around I felt like going to church.

But Whoopers are good

I kind of want to find out how many people will spend more money getting to a burger kind if they don’t live in walking distance of one than they will save on the fries.

Getting salty tomorrow with some hot BK fries.

I got two BK’s that are both 2 to 5 minutes driving from my house at the most luckily. Once you get past my city you gotta practically get on the highway to get to another BK.

Oh wait the fries were tomorrow yesterday. Which means today. STAY FREE FRIES we in there.