Who's going to evo that looks at this General Strats section?

Just wondering out of the people that come to this area of SRK, who will be attending EVO this year? It might be nice to put some names with faces ect, shake hands and discuss starts in person… as well as bang the console.

I will be at evo.

me, but i’ll be at the cleveland tourney first, hopefully you’ll be there also obot.


I would like to go to that turny… but I might have to save for EVO. Say popoblo are you staying at shilo hotell???

nope, joshtheFUNKDOC has been gracious enough to let me stay with him at the executive west where i stayed last year. it’s super convenient and i’m really glad i’m staying with people i know this year as opposed to strangers.

i might wander over to the shilo inn one night just to play casual in the rooms or something if i could get a ride back to cal poly.


PS- i think one of my close friend’s graduation parties is the day of the cleveland tourney. if that’s the case, i’ll obviously pick friends over video games. otherwise, i’m fucking shit up in cvs2:D.

I wish I was going…:frowning: :mad:

Nestor and I (and possibly smoothcat) still need a place to stay. We’re getting to Ontario pretty early actually. Tuesday night at 10:30 pm. Anybody want to split a motel room and a rental car with us?

There’s a 3S tourney at Family Fun on Thrusday I want to go to. I heard that pretty far from Evo though. So yeah, if anybody here from Cali can be our contact once we get there I’d really appreciate it. PM or aim asap.

me and my friend from az are looking for poeple to split hotel room with. dont know if you interested holla if you are.

im outi


I’m in at the shilo…

i’ll be at evo.
hope to play some of you guys.

Does anybody have room for two more people for a night or two on and will be available Tuesday night?

note: Neither my friend and I are fat dudes that take up a lot of space, plus we both shower regularly and use deodorant.