Who's going to Evo?

Anyone want to share a hotel room to keep costs down?

$150 a night is very expensive :frowning:

better yet, is anybody getting a hotel room already and wouldn’t mind me sleeping on the floor of it? (I’d pay my share of the cost, of course)

I won’t be able to attend this year’s Evolution. Hella weak…

Plane tickets bought, room booked for 4 nights because we arrive thursday evening.

When would you plan on arriving at vegas Umbrellaz?

West & World here, waiting for cash to flow in to buy tickets and rez’s

If things go pan out well over the next few months. I will try my hardest to go.

4 nights was my plan, too

gotta rest up the night before to be ready to go on Friday, you know?

If by “rest” you mean get wasted, go through a pack of cigs, and bang a few hookers then yes, we must rest.

duh :looney:

Thanks to the terrorists, will I have problems taking my stick as a carry on? I pack light, as in I only take what fits in a backpack, none of that 6 bags of luggage bs. I mean, its a box with wires in it. I don’t want to get strip searched.

Haha I never thought of that. Even if you leave it in your luggage some robot will take it apart and you’ll get hauled off the plane.

I took a MAS stick back in 04. Didn’t carry it on though, was in checked baggage. I didn’t have any issues.

Its a pain in the ass to carry a stick around with you at Evo though the size of a MAS.

Aside from looking retarded with a stick that has the artwork of four half naked wrestlers, I don’t mind lugging around my custom stick. I just don’t want those fools to open my stick for any reason. They should be able to xray it for as long as they want and see that it is safe.

hot damn, I got an unexpected bonus from work today, so I just bought my plane ticket

it’s evo time baby YEAH

Umbrellastilo, you should stay with Jie and myself. Jie would gladly have you in his bed. Just be warned, he is the type of guy who cries himself to sleep everynight. You know, he has the feelings/ emotions equivelant to those of a 14 yr old girl.

I’d be honored to share a bed with Jie

I just hope he likes to cuddle :3

seriously though, I’ll sleep on your balcony for all I care :china: <- wtf is that

:china: <== that’s the greatest smilie in the history of smilies

If you haven’t used it yet, quote this post and look at the name of this smilie. The name is the best part. I’m Chinese, and I approve this smilie.

Even going back to the days of AOL/IRC chat’s infancy in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I hated smilies. They were always used by suburbanite rich kids who were too lazy to type out what they wanted to convey. But this smilie is the shit. It is the very embodiment of all that my culture represents. When I’m at a loss for words, I can always turn to this smilie.

I should also point out that I was terribly disappointed when I didn’t find a ricer hat accessory when I was customizing my Mii. You’d think that the Japs would have took this necessity under consideration.

lol wtf

so I guess I no longer need a room

when I told my mom I was going to vegas, she jumped on the thought of getting some gambling in, and offered to come along and pay for airfare and hotel

my mom loves her some gambling

good deal or not? you decide

thanks for the offer though, Pablo :china:

dont bring your mom, dude…

why not?

saves me $500, and it’s not like she’ll be anywhere near evo

plus, my mom is cool :slight_smile:

Nice. You are still free to cuddle with us.