Who's going to Evo?

great news! I was worried I wouldn’t have any cuddle buddies :frowning:

sick. i only cuddle with homeless guys and guys with face diseases anyway

am i joking? i dont even know anymore

any updates on peoples situations?

Still debating on going or not.

I really want to though.

Is it lame I wanna get my arcade stick signed by all my favorite players?

I need to register for the games. All I know is that these rooms/beds/bars better be amazing, because this damn hotel is not even on the strip and is expensive as a mofo.

When is Evo? I thought I wanted to go before, but now… cuddling? omg. can I come?

Someone mentioned cuddling? ^_^; I’m in. :heart:


Homophobe, the only thing more distasteful than a flaming homo. Irony, the only thing more ironic than a lack of irony.

Pfft. The funny coincidence related to your statement? Nearly half my friends are bi/gay. It was just an interesting theme. A third of the Seattle players talking about cuddling at once? Just something you don’t see very often. Can’t tell whether it was a joke or not, but I hate being told that I’m something I’m not. It makes me want to punch babies. God forbid I’m in a nursery when you put your hands on the keyboard.



There’s too much love going around in this thread, thats why Im taking some NW guys and offering them safe harbor @ evo wrld


Don’t let karma bite you in the ass like last year.

Wtf @ N-Ken avatar.

Not funny.

Looking at your avatar, I’m just curious if you actually play that game…

Wtf. Why is that?

I actually play A LOT of fighting games, a lot I wish to be competative at, INCLUDING Melty Blood: Act Cadenza.

Games I play @ tournament level now: CvS2, ST, 3S
Games I want to play @ Tournament Level: MvC2 (kinda, deep down inside lol), Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, KOF XI, Tekken 6 (when it comes out) and Guilty Gear Accent Core

And I play TONS of other fighting games that were in the competative scene @ one point or anotherand I play a lot of fighting games that never got their fair share of competative play. So don’t EVER question my knowledge of fighting games or question if I play them or not.

Uhhhhhhh, I didn’t. Just asked you that cuz recently I’ve seen a quite a few random people with MB avatars, and it all seemed random to me. Like why now all of a sudden. That and I’m bored as hell right now. So chill out fool…

My apologies then. :china:

I’ve got the dial-up at home, so I’m not touching Youtube. I assume you noticed the Dane Cook reference, though?