Whos going to FFA from Shilo inn thursday 29th?

Whos going to FFA from Shilo inn thursday 29th? renting car/van

i m getting a head count of people who need to goto FFA from the shilo and back, we re trying to rent a van. so far we got 7 people

Yeah ummm…there will probably be like 20+ people trying to do the same thing, myself included. Maybe we should come up with a larger scaled solution…how much does it cost to rent a bus?!

Hey guys, a few of us who are staying at the Kellogg West are looking for a way to get there too. Just FYI, kofiend, we’re mostly Drew’s friends (plus another friend of mine).

So if there’s a way we could do something with you guys, it’d definitely be appreciated.


good to meet you, how many people is your party? how far is that hotel from the shilo?

you have anyone 21 or over?

I’ll be at Shilo, and I was wondering if I could get in on this idea if possible?
quick question though…

What time is everyone leaving Shilo?

I’ll be there roughly 12:30 pm , maybe 1

Let me know, thanks.

the tourny will start around 1~2 pm. sign ups are at 11 am, so we d probably leave the hotel 8~9 am to get there healthy before 10.

ahh, damn, I won’t be there in time.

Thanks anyway.

standard size car(civic, jetta, etc.) is $35.99 to rent for the day with a $250 cash deposit($250 deposit required for any vehicle<1 day>), the $36 could come straight from the cash deposit so we d probably get back something like $210. the mini van that seats 7 is under $100(i forgot). the van that seats 15 people and above is $130 something.

$250 between 5 guys is $50 each, when we return the car, that d be $7 bucks a head used, $10 if including gas.
a mini van, saying its a full $100(probably way cheaper) between 7 people, that d be using $15 bucks each after getting the deposit back(without gas cost).
a 15 size van with 15 heads would be $9 bucks each.

btw, this has to be done with someone 21 or over to actually get the car first, also would need either
A. a credit card
B. a bill that was sent to their address with their name on it(bringing 2 bills would be ideal).

the money itself can be taken from the deposit so the credit card would be just “in name”, and for hassle free shit, we should do it with the credit card of someone whos 21.

anyway it d be real cool if we can get a driver from cali to help us out. hit me back on this thread

how many people need rides?
moreso…who needs rides?

right now we got 7 people, its exactly whoever says they re coming in this thread with their friends to make up 7.

are you offering to give rides, drive or asking for a ride?

ALRIGHT people, hit me up on aim or here, but lets get this done now, not the 25th like i told everyone.

so far we have my guys: 3
joshfunkdoc: 2
fatbear: 2

7 guys on the way there, on the way back we can fit about 10 heads, mopreme and his friend will be 2 of those, i have room for 1~maybe 2 more heads. we re gonna be getting the minivan(comfy for 7)

ok this is the general idea for the money
the deposit for 1 day is $250, this will be split between the original 7 heads($36 bucks each), and a separate $3 bucks each to make $21 in gas.
deposit can be done in cash ONLY if you live in pomona.
so its important we find 1 person 21 or over with a valid driver’s license AND a major credit card with at least $250 in their account(we ll give the person with the credit card $252 in cash to HOLD).

the person holding the cash will give the original 7 heads $24 bucks each at the end of the night($168 total).

***what about the person using the credit card, the person will need money right?
the person holding the cash can spend $80 of THEIR OWN money from the $250, BUT THEY MUST HAVE $168 total to give everyone at the end of the night NO MATTER WHAT(the $168 bucks is everyones money).
they ll take the $69.99(after taxes and shit, $80 bucks) right out of the account so $170 should “unfreeze” in a day or 2.


we can give the person with the credit card $12 bucks each, since $170 in the account will “unfreeze” in a day or 2 anyway. this is the simpler way.
i d recommend having $400~$500 in the account to begin with so you have money for the following day or 2 while the $170 clears, unless we can find that person’s bank in the area.***

ok now the problem, we don t have anyone thats 21 or over. this is our biggest problem and we need to find someone now. please respond soon guys.

um…I’m thinking 'bout driving…willing to drive…how many peeps is known already…what’s left is…

-what time does everyone want to leave?
-my car is a 5-seater
-what time do people need to come back?

I guess I’m a cali resident, which worries me because I want to stay at Family for a while but the Cannons say that Cali peeps have to register on Thursday, so…

btw, I was thinking about leaving at around 8-9 in the morning so arrive at Family early enough to have time for practice, get used to sticks, etc.

post back with info…
I’m off the 57 and 91 (camelot area basically), roughly 15-30 min. from Cal Poly Pomona

HOLY shit!!!

are you over 21 with a credit card? i don t think we can take your car, we got some big fellas and its 7 heads, can you find someone who can register you for EVO? if you can park your ride somewhere near the hotel, we could use the ride back from dropping off the minivan the next day.

if you drive the minivan, the next morning me and my friend can drive you home or to your car so you can get your car if you want before we drop off the minivan.

A. are you 21 or over with a major creditcard with at least $250 in the account?
B. we planned to leave at the time you said, and come back at 3am when FFA closes.
C. out of state registration starts at 8 am the next day, so me, you and my friend will drive you home for your car at 7:30. then we can drop off the minivan and head to the shilo/evo since the games will start at like 9 anyway.

thanks alot for doing this if you are 21 or over, my cell number is 917-577-6133, PM me your cell before the 28th, i leave the 28th.
the reason why we re doing this on the thread instead of aim is so everyone knows whats going on, anyway thanks again

the mini van can be done in cash if the licensed driver brings 2 utility bills, a pay stub, and lives in the town(won t be the one near the shilo then).

I’m not over 21 or have a credit card but…

I’m driving back and forth from Evo and I have a van. The van can hold 7 people comfortably, or 9 squeezed in. I was already planning on going to FFA that Thursday for the tournaments. I’m pretty sure I can get someone to register me for Evo. I don’t know how much it costs to rent a minivan but I’m pretty sure going with me would be alot cheaper as all I will ask is for gas money and hopefully be treated to dinner :slight_smile:

If you guys are interested then please post up.

thats fantastic news, so the original 7 heads in this thread will go with flyassnicca’s van there and back. josh and fatbear, PM me your cell phone numbers so i can call you 2 that 28th at night to tell you whats going on.
my group- 3 guys
fatbear/joshfunkdoc- 2 each

shortshortsuper- thanks anyway, looks like you don t have to make 98237483 trips:D could you drive like 2 people back from FFA to shilo that night when FFA closes? it ll most likely be mopreme and his friend, PM or aim me your number so i can get in contact with you that night.

yo im gonna be in town on the 28th, any way i can get a ride 2 the tourney with anybody, im willing 2 pay whatever 4 gas and i saw something about a dinner 2. get at me here or aim if you can help me out, and still looking for a place 2 stay 2. a nice corner in a room would be nice and once again very willing 2 pay.

ok heres whats in stone, fuck everything else i said-

i promised flyass minimum $100 bucks no matter what.
3 people are guaranteed to go with him on the way there(my group), if only my group is goin there, we ll give flyass $20 each to make $60.
if joshthefunkdoc and his friend needs the ride there and back, us 5 will pay $15 each to make $75. this money will be collected at the hotel lobby at the time we set NO MATTER WHAT, so have the cash on you, no cash, no ride, sorry.

on the way back, we ll be minimum 8 total
my group<3>
fatbear and his friend<2>
mopreme and his friend<2>
shin cobra<1>

*people only riding back to the shilo will pay $10 each to make $50(its guaranteed 5 people will need ride back), have the cash on you, no cash, no ride, sorry.

*everyone make sure to meet up at the time and place we set no matter what. i ll be calling mopreme, fatbear and joshthefunkdoc(if he comes with us) around 2:30AM to let you guys know where to meet and the time(most likely AT 3AM).
also shin cobra, stick around fatbear around 2:30 ish.
flyass will be paid the final $50~$70 on the road coming back.

joshthefunkdoc and his friend- you guys still need the ride? way there and back or just the way back? if you 2 come with us there and back its $15 each, if only the way back, thats $10 each.
we have room for only 2 more heads and i m saving it for you 2 so hit me back soon so i know. PM me or AIM your cell/a number i can reach you so i can call on the night of 28th if you guys need the ride.

fatbear- PM or aim your cell.

Hope everything goes smoothly, FFA should be a blast.

Sorry, I’m late but:

I’ll be out in Cali tomorrow and renting a car. I am going to the FFA too so if I know when and where to meet you guys at, I can possibly help with the rides to and from too. I say possibly 'cause Nebraska might still need rides so I may be taking them. I’ll help ya’ll suckas out if possible/if you need it though. Helping the cause, and all that…