Who's going to the big FFA Tourney on the 29th?

I hear there is a big arcade tourney at FFA feat. CvS2,3S,MvC2. Who’s going??? It should be fun to enter and no one can complain since its arcade.


At FFA? Soo will win MvC2, of course.

actually cvs2 is on wednesday. FF cannot hold that many ppl

Imo try and make it. Something would have to come up for me not to be in attendance.

This shiet’ll be HOT!


its wednsday now 2?.. … ppl have to work ya know… so now we have to take 5 days off of work?.. yeah we’re sooo fired…

anyone who needs a ride from the shilo to FFA and back on the 29th, reply to the other “whos going to FFA…” thread so i can get a headcount.

than just come on thursday… thats when the 5 star begins his beasting. wednesday wont be nearly as big as thursday… cvs2 was just the game that got singled out

btw i saw your picture on hotornot… you are hot

haha…thanks yao ming… that means alot to me =D …
yeah thursday is third strike right?.. so i’ll go th. besides i wanna see KSK’s alex again…

and i think ruin is hot… just look at him beasting… =P lol… such a funny avatar

team az will be there

me,digital fox,swift theif,oscardelahoya

there might be others so if yall wanna get down in anything post up

Team Beast might try to make it. Not sure if we should though cause doesn’t registration for Evo start at like noon? Oh well… I guess we’ll try to make it if there is top player comp. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!