Who's going to the Championships on Sunday?

Haven’t seen a thread about this but I was curious how many people came up to NorCal for the fights on Sunday night, and just a general thread for meetups "m guessing before and after the tourney.

what championships on Sunday? If you mean the Gamespot Finals, that’s today.

Yeah, the Gamestop finals are tonight at 7pm.

Wow I’m all shades of dumb…I was certain it was Sunday…so yeah please close this thread :-(. I have learned that huffing paint is bad for my brian


At least you aren’t late for it.

is 7pm the time it starts or the time the doors open to get in?

Doors open at 7pm, Tournament starts at 8pm.

Whattup Husarz. I’ll be there. PM me your # and we can meet up there. I’m a big hispanic dude with a red SF hat if anyone wants to say Hi tonight. Late

yo demonlos hit me up bro. Ill be there too!

707 720 6593

shit i didn’t see this till now, Tyram. you going to fudruckers this sunday?

Sorry dude i was slow on checking this thread so I missed your post. I don’t think I’ll be at Fudrucker’s this weekend, but I’ll be at KSLII on Sunday afternoon.