*Who's Got Next? Gaming Tourney* 8/15 Absecon, New Jersey 08201

Here We Go Street Fighter 4 Community!!!

Who’s Got Next? started as an Xbox live daily tourney among friends and people from the Street Fighter 4 community with made up points, standing and bragging rights. Gamers like Emp Sabin and Geom Modinside(National Champion of Columbia) was entering Who Got Next? Tournaments. This has become such a huge thing that it?s only right that it becomes a live event for everyone to compete in. That?s why we are pleased to announce the very first Who Got Next? Live Event!!!

This tourney is open to everyone and as someone who is helping running and competing in it IT WILL BE DONE RIGHT!!!

We are offering cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the 1v1, 2v2 tournament, and Question Mark tourneys(Random Picks) (1st place winner only).

Also in the 1v1 Street Fighter 4 tourney, the first place winner will not only get cash prize but will *get Street fighter 4 TE Stick )PS3)

So here is the all of the information that is needed for the tourney. I have a feeling it?s going be epic event.

What: Who’s Next?
When: August 15, 2009

Sign up time: 10:00am ? 11:00am BE ON TIME!

First Tournament starts at 11am
End time till it?s done

**Games: **

Street Fighter 4
Blaze Blue

System: 360

Entry Fee: $6

1v1Street Fighter 4 Question Mark (Random Picks) Tourney entry fee: $2
Single elimination (SF4 only)

2v2 Street Fighter 4 Tourney entry fee: $20
Double elimination (SF4 and BB)

1v1 Street Fighter 4 Tourney entry fee: $10
Double elimination (SF4 and BB and KOF12)

BYOC (bring your own control)

Registration is going be first come first serve. Sign up here and present your name at the door the day of the tourney.

Any question or any concerns please feel free to ask or email us
jarimthedream@gmail.com and laughinghyena21@gmail.com

Philly Pretzel Factory
Laughinghyena Stickz
Bill Designs
LizardLick Amusment Arcade

See you guys there!

*stick will be given in person once the SF4 1v1 is done!


NO body odor

Every Person you face you have a limit of 2 Characters only. When you face a new person u can pick diffrent charaters if you want.

No Modded controlers

No Turbo buttons

No one button grab

No one button Focus attack

2v2 will be like evo did there 5v5 every one will change after they win or lose no one person stay and keeps playing after a win.

if the xbox live or start button is pressed or if any way the game is paused because of a pulled off arcade stick or controller the person who is at fault of this action will lose the round.

if the power gets turned off the round will be re played.

These other rules will either lose you a round a game get kicked out of the tournament or even the event.

There is no touching your opponent or his/her controller/arcade stick while your playing them.

No Glitching

No Fighting

If any one has suggest for more rules or any quetion please fill free to post

Signed up:

Street Fighter 4:
Phatal Phd
o Rico suave o

Blaze Blue:


damn, took me a while to find the thread, but finally did.

ima put this down on my calendar, i should be able to make it.

3 SFIV tourneys to join…hard to turn that down.

Ill be there to show support.

Hmm… pretty far but ill see what I can do.

I"m going

ill be there. why didnt ypou come to my tourney hyena :frowning: well im holding another one. july 25th. be there! :):slight_smile:

(sigh)… ill be there i cant turn down a tournament… me and the entourage!!! DaYaShA is goin… no doubt i will be there if i can make it to pa for the cyber dome i can make it to a tourny in my own state…

Ill be there with my crew. 2 v 2 should be sick!

Hey Every one just in case you didn’t know there will be also BlazBlue. I am so hyped and happy that my first ever tournament is going to happen i want to thank laughinghyena for helping me out and sponsoring the tournament. its crazy people already signed up i cant wait for August.

i’ll be there

I might be able to go ill surprise you guys

put down Cose and Rolento13 for 1v1 and 2v2

may show up. always wondered if there were any gamers in atlantic city or nearby.

sign me up, ill let you know if anything changes and I can’t go

yo count me in jarim

Damn it spank, you’re going?!

yea i just need to find a ride down there because my parents dont wanna take me

We have Philly Pretzel Factory as an official Sponsor for WGN!

Hopefully more to come.

does that mean they’ll be food to eat? preferably pretzels?