Whos in the hawthorne,L.A, Torrance or Inglewood Area for some ssf4AE on xbox?

Looking for some casuals or some fighters nearby. meet up and play or online. the gamertag is Simon Phoenixxx. i run with adon, seth and cammy. any skill level. hit me up if you wanna get down.

Yo yo in gardena/carson Area. Always looking for some Offline casuals.

I’m in compton and I am totally down to play. I know how to use a bunch of characters but I main bison. Shoot me a pm

sorry for the long reply,job searching is taking up all my time. if we cant find a place my xbox live gamertag is Simon Phoenixxx. shoot me a friend request.

torrance psn/pc player but im getting a 360 stick to travel with, so ill be following this thread

There is Don’s in Torrance on Fridays there’s a thread in this forum for it.

sorry i been away for so long guys. finally got another job but things are a bit more relaxed now so get at me. im online in endless battle right now, friday febuary 24th, 8:23 cali time on ssf4 AE 2012. my gamertag is Simon Phoenixxx.add me so we can game together.

yea ive read about it. havent went yet but ill check it out soon.