Who's nervous?

I didn’t hit me that I’ll actually be playing this tournament for the first time until I was falling asleep last night. When I woke up this morning the anxiety had doubled and it’s been on my mind all day!

I have no idea what to expect; flowchart SRK Kens? Will all players be of the top 20 class?

No fear man. Have fun and maybe see ya there! What pool are you in?

Pool C - 9AM. What about you?

Pool A :lol:

yo i know its evo but just play ur game and u will be good only person to mind fuck u is urself.

No worries. The sooner I get scrubbed, the sooner I get to the clubs :rock:

Yeah, I’m feeling hella bad for all the people I’m gonna beat.

Yeah, it’s my first evo and I’m from the middle of nowhere. If I don’t go two and out, that’s a win in my book!

Someone is going to get combo’ed!!!

Just think of it like this. You’re technically in a pool with like 70 other people, so just think about it as a 70 person tournament and not a 2000+ tournament. The once pools are over is a 128 man tournament that you had to worry about.

Yeah, it’s hitting me right now. I just saw some of the pools and seeing all the big names… I’m just nervous now…

Evo is my first fighting game tourney and I’m going because I live in Vegas. I really would rather spectate, but I told myself that I might as well compete. The only problem is that I’ve only been playing serious for a year now… I just don’t want to get embarrassed. If I don’t go two and out, I’ll be happy!

I’ll use this as a learning experience

Well don’t be. Evo is a good place to start your Tourney experience, at least you can benchmark yourself to do better next year then starting from local tournaments. Though the badside that its a bit cheaper to work from smaller tourneys

Is this even somewhat accurate or just a guess? I was curious how many per pool.

Not really nervous either, I’d like to do good, and I’m going to try my best, but evo is gonna be so fun either way I don’t really care if I do go 2 and out.

when you go 2-n-out, is that it? youre done? if thats the case, then whats the losers pool?

After your first loss, you’re in the losers.
That’s how double elimination works.

im nervous!

Real Talk Episode 1: FlashMetroid’s Fugaziness

<FlashM> they dont think im legit lol You’re not.
<FlashM> i just think its funny that they really think im seriously bad You are.

Hate to be the one to break it to you Samus, but you’re nowhere near as good as you think you are. You’re one of the most delusional and overrated so-called “top players” the US has to offer.

Your illusions of grandeur, effeminate smile, and general metrosexual behavior will not brainwash those who can think for themselves about your standing in SSF4 or any other FG for that matter.

What makes you even more deplorable is you’re half-assed attempts at modesty, which are are pathetically transparent and immeasurably laughable at best.

Just be true to yourself and accept who and what you really are: A self-absorbed, shallow, self-aggrandizing douchebag who will get exposed at EVO, but will STILL naively get talked up and circle jerked by the FGC as one of the premier players in the US. This will drive your ego to megalomanic heights and ultimately your undoing.



The good thing about being mediocre is i have no hope of leaving my pool, so i’m not nervous in the slightest.

it’s a good time, you meet cool people. don’t be shy, strike up conversations. talk to your neighbors about things you see, or like, or dislike.

sit in the ballroom watching some of the best competition in games you enjoy, with hundreds of other people who also enjoy it; people who can appreciate what is happening on the screen. it’s fun to hear huge crowds going ohhh! in reaction to awesome moments. you’ll get caught up in the drama of the competition a lot; it’s the difference between watching nba championships live and watching it on tv.

Somewhat of an educated guess, you could say. Pools are used to more easily manage a large scale tournament. The highest pool letter we have heard of is O if I’m not mistaken, and since that’s the 15th letter in the alphabet, 70x15=1050. Shit, it may even be like 128 per pool, unless there are more pools.