Who's Next

Whats up third strike players. Just want your general opinoin on who I should play with next. I use Alex as my main character and I wanted to knoe who should I use next!!! Thanks ahead for the time and effort of your respone’s.:lol:

Common Snookums, dont quit on Alex now. Alex is solid man and a serious nightmare for Dudley, Ken, and Urien. Well ok i know you aint quittin on alex but who should you play next. well hahahahaha i choose you REMY

Yeah don’t quit on alex, your alex is good.

you could try dudley .

alex isn’t a nightmare for urien ,just watch how KSK gets raped by RX .

pick chung li. copy the japanese. game over. chung li wins

she has a big advantage over everyone except the twins but in the end 3s is a mind game.

since when is alex a nightmare for dudley, ken, or urien.

alex sucks, if ur beating people with alex u could probably be beating alot more people with makoto.

p.s. kenzilla you are the biggest most annoying forum scrub currently on these boards. for one, its CHUN li. not CHUNG you retard. TWO you know nothing about 3s, so stop stating obvious ass shit like “3s is a mind game” the sky is blue. you are retarded. these are things everyone knows.

The sky’s blue?.. And you only waited till now to tell me?..

Am I the only person who thought of Goldberg? (of WCW fame)
I’ve always thought that you should learn a shoto first, since they’re so balanced. And everything you learn from them can translate to another character somehow.

I thought of Goldberg and was gonna make a goldberg joke but couldn’t think of anything.

Close this pointless thread too.

ok well maybe not a serious nightmare because is alex is always lower mid tier but still. Urien and Dudley cant duck Forward fierce. Then again Alex hasnt got many solid setups like Urien and Dudley do.

dude , alex and makoto is still a big different :sad: .

i can’t do karakusa -> fierce -> hayate or sa2 .

quit alex

Try pink Sean :tup:

hmm. I cant spell chun li and I dont red parry like you say everyone should automatically makes me a scrub. If hes picking alex he doesnt know 3s is mind game. Did you see the people who said his alex was good? I know for a fact hes jumping around and trying to bash people. Your the person who suggested to pick makoto which is probably one of the hardest people to win with. Shes probably one of the hardest characters to use.

I know enough about 3s to kick your ass at it. Respect my 2 cents and stfu.

if you knew anything about 3s youd say pick chung li (yea i’ll spell whichever fuckn way i want) shes by far the best character and probably the easiest top tier to learn. God help you if you fight me in a tournament.

heres a thought. instead of having others tell you how to play a game or dictate who you pick, why dont you just pick a character you like? gasp omgsdfsgdfjshgf

fucking spoonfed players

Alex should always be your main but it is a game so just mess around with other characters until you find a secondary that you like. Like…Ibuki is my main but Alex is my secondary and then Oro, Remy, Elena and some others.







Hmmm… agree?

i dont even know how to respond to that.

seriously fuck you .

neg this fucker