Who's Next

Hey thedude, I’d just like to say, your english has gotten noticeably better since you first came here. Congrats, man.

Kenzilla is a mind game…

nah i think not …
i still need to improve more .

epsilon is a mind blower , CROSS COUNTAH !
Guttah TRash~

If the dude wants to call her Chung Li, let him call her Chung Li damnit!!

My friend calls her Chung Li too, he knows it’s Chun li. We also call Elena Youllena, and Electric Snake 'the ‘Nake’ It’s an inside thing that makes no sense to anyone else but us.

I agree that Makoto is one of the hardest to use, and Chun li is the easiest top tier to use.

But I don’t get the part about ‘picking Alex he doesn’t know 3s is a mind game’. Can you explain what you mean by this statement?

just go ahead and pick HUGO…problem solve…:rofl:

“If hes picking alex he doesnt know 3s is mind game. Did you see the people who said his alex was good? I know for a fact hes jumping around and trying to bash people.”

Are you assuming that he uses the super art “Stun Gun Headbutt”?

If you like stunning people, why not try Necro? He’s a lot of fun to play, and though he’s kind of ‘low tier’, he’s still probably better than Alex.

Good call lyrical acid.:tup:

If you’re mainly an Alex user, switching to Necro is going to be a bit tough. Necro definitely has better mix-ups, priority on normals, overall pokes and more damaging combos that are relatively easy to do. His speed (or lack of) isn’t a major problem once you get comfortable with him. It’s just a matter of adapting.

Hahaha Disagree :rofl: :rofl:

The only problem with Necro is that he takes damage like a bitch.

If he took Chun Li level damage or better yet, Ken level damage he would probably be solid against any character in this game. If that was the case, I would probably make him my main. Unfortunately for some reason, Capcom decided to nurf his damage taking ability though.


how long were you playing alex for snook?

For anybody that does not know this already I created this forum because I was having problems on who to pick next. I was not going to let anyone dictate or decide on who I was going to play with, I just wanted opinons. I am going to keep Alex as my main but I want a secondary. This is to “Kenzilla,” if I ever play you in thirdstrike I will FUCK YOUR SHIT up and that aint no mind game… But to the rest of the crew I play casuals with thanks for the love!!!


Ahahaha Snookums aint nothin to fuck with


I have been playing Alex for some months now. Have any ideas:wtf:

Try Necro. He takes some getting used to, and he has a hard time against some characters, but he is incredibly fun to use. I was mainly a Makoto player, but I just recently picked up Necro and I wish I started with him.

some months? hmmmm… not very long. try just concentrating on learning his supers 1-3. find out which super to use for each opponent. it’ll give you more of those tiny match up only things. you wont get bored once you start seeing how each character deals with what each super does to your game.

yea i know sa3 is sa3… but even the weaker supers in the game offer another mind game you can use that could be overlooked when you use sa1-2. everyone knows sa3 is the weaker super but you as the alex player needs to know EXACTLY why its a weaker super for you. it might be actually great for you… you wont know unless you give it equal attention and take it as seriously as sa1 and sa2.

I think Chun would actually be a good secondary character, as she eats up most of Alex’s bad match-ups. It all depends on what you enjoy, though.

Its cool man, I’ve been playing Oro seriously for about a year and I didn’t realize he was my fit untill I tried to seriously learn other characters. I got ok with them but they just couldn’t compete.

When you get your main character you’ll know. If your feeling not cool with it try whoever else you like. Try em out in tournaments. You can always take experiences with them and take them back to Alex. Alex maybe one the hardest usable characters but he IS usable. stick with it man. you got this.

Whats up Epsilon? We played a lil in the hotel at Final Round. I was the one beasting with Alex. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea Alex sucks. You have to work so much harder than the other person. But just like any other character, if you “master” them some matchups become easier.
Also if you have a decent Alex, you probably will do better with Makoto. IMO.