Who's on your 3 man team for this years XMANIA at EVO?


just wanted to start stirring the pot since our local hero afrolegends decided to team with the enemy but at least its for a good cause. lets go USA! and i just want to throw in the mix that i also have a team of proven winners and LEGENDS in my corner that will be announced soon if anyone cares. my only issue now is what is the exact format, tourney rules, character locks, and anything else that matters. i also want to know which pos platform i have to practice on if it isnt directly on an arcade cabinet. i will make a decent effort to practice up and fight once again for my country with my brothers to defeat the invaders! since our renovations wont begin till after evo this might be my last shot hold down the fort here and put up a fight!

lets go AMERICA!!! whos on your team?


We’re having two big tourneys this year: ToL2 and X-Mania USA. ToL2 is a singles tournament and xmUSA is a 3v3 teams tournament. Details are here:

Basically, there’s a bunch of qualifiers for ToL2 happening all over the place. You can pick any character you want. If you win a spot, you’re automatically included in the 32-man ToL2 bracket at Evo. If you join one of the last minute qualifiers happening during Evo, you have to play in pools first. If you make it out of pools, THEN you get added to the 32-man ToL2 bracket.

xmUSA is a simple 3v3 single elimination tournament. You are character locked, so you have to pick your character and use him the whole way through. If your team loses once, you’re out of the tourney. Players play 1 game, winner stays, loser leaves, and you keep going until your team has all played through.

As far as setups go, there will be Japanese Cabs available with standard Japanese parts. There will be also be those Undamned superguns that lets you plug in whatever portable arcade stick you have that uses USB cables.

xmUSA top8 will be played on the main stage at Evo, but we have to use Undamned superguns for those. Fortunately, there’ll be a custom arcade-stand available for use, and it will be as stable as an arcade cabinet .

I think my tentative team is Millertime, MuffinMan, and me. But best believe if some random top player asks me to join their team, I’m going to ditch them SO fast.


Japanese cabs will be available for all of ToL II and for X-Mania USA until top 8. The cabs will have Undamned’s USB converters installed that basically act like a UD-CPS2 for those that want to use their own stick.

Unfortunately, we cannot use cabs on stage for Top 8 for X-Mania USA so like Eugene said, we’ll be using UD-CPS2 but with a custom joystick stand that will replicate an arcade cab as best as possible.

X-Mania USA is 3on3, single elim. ToL II is a solo tourney, 3/5 and double elim.

Surprised but excited to hear that you’ll be playing Mike. I know everyone will be hype for that. :slight_smile:


Wow! As if EVO 2014 wasent enough hype?
Shit just got serious.


Yep, it’s gonna be quite a show. If there was ever a time to sharpen your skills to get back into the game, this is it. Get the lead out!


Sick! :slight_smile:


Yes it is all about USA defending our turf and showing these international players that we have our own style and know whats up with ST.

Im glad some old school players are finally getting their heads out their ass and coming back to the game that started it all and brought us all together! Lets DO THIS this EVO year. Im hype!

Watts: Pretty obvious who your team is so might as well say you/Choi/Valle are gonna be mobbin it. Makes me happy you and Choi finally take ST serious again. This is “our"martial arts”. You never forget how to play, you just need to sharpen the blades.

Wish I could get Graham Wolfe, Alex Wolfe and a few others to start playing again.

Right now for international teams we have Daigo/Ohnuki/Tokido and a possible team of Kusumondo/Mao/Kurahashi

People better be ready!


This is awesome news to hear watts!


Kusumondo/Mao/Kurahashi would be damn near unstoppable. That’s a really strong team.


Wow that would be awesome if Kurahashi came down.


Kurahashi IS going!


im so hyped <3


daigo/nuki/tokido team isnt as strong as you guys think. tokido is really the only nuisance. :slight_smile:

what are the other teams from ammurrrica?


Watson/Valle/Choi… that WOULD be the really unstopabble team.


He IS coming. First time he’s coming to America, and he is a SERIOUS threat to win ToL2 and xmUSA. If ever there were a gods of ST list, he’d be up there.

Daigo/Nuki/Tokido is good enough to beat most American teams. I don’t think they’ll take out Damdai/Afro’s team though.

Whatever team MAO and Kurahashi are one, is going to be the danger.


Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Watson: NO, SENSEI!
Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Watson: NO, SENSEI!
Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Watson: NO, SENSEI!

We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition: A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.
What is the problem Mr. Watson?

I want Daigo out of commission.
Choi: But Sensei, I can beat this guy!
I don’t want him beat.
Choi: But I’ll be disqualified!
Out of commission.

To Watson - Sweep the leg.
Do you have a problem with that?
Watson: No, Sensei.
No mercy.

You’ve got real nerve, old man. Real nerve. Putting one of them out of commission is about the only way you’ll beat that team.


I figured this out.

Team the real o.g. sagats - Watson, Choi, Valle.

James Chen: Oh, I know how to commentate this match.


“Unfortunately, we cannot use cabs on stage for Top 8 for X-Mania USA so like Eugene said, we’ll be using UD-CPS2 but with a custom joystick stand that will replicate an arcade cab as best as possible.”

… Wait… So can I use my own stick? What if i dont need a stand?


Yes, you can use your own stick for X-Mania USA or ToL II at any time.

For ToL II, we will be using the Japanese H2H cabs, which will have the Undamned USB converters installed so players can use their own stick if they wish or use the controls on the cab, for those who prefer playing on cabs, such as the Japanese players. We will also have additional UD-CPS2 Supergun stations for players who don’t wish to play on cabs since we’ll need to run many matches simultaneously during pools/qualifiers.

For X-Mania USA, we will be using the same Japanese H2H cabs. But for the Top 8, there will be no cabs, since we cannot use cabs on stage. We’ll be using the UD-CPS2 Supergun for the Top 8 instead. The (USB) joystick stand will be for the Japanese players and for those who prefer playing on cabs, which will try to replicate playing on a cab as best as we can.

Hope that makes sense. It’s frustrating to have to do it this way but it’s the best solution we could come up with to work around the no-cab situation and to let everyone have their preferred way to play.


I might play this, but I have to qualify at NWM 1st, which wil be a longshot. I don’t know about the 3v3 though. I don’t have a team