Who's on your entertainment Black List?

These are people that you can’t stand in the business (behind the scenes or in the limelight) of Movies/TV Shows/Video Games. I’m talking that real hate. You didn’t just hear this person sucks; you know it from experience. Their names are poison to you, and you avoid any project they’re attached to.

Who are these people for you, and what did they do to be so hated?

For me, it’s only one person:

Kudo Tsunoda. I will never forgive that fuck for Def Jam Icon. If you don’t know, EA came out with three Def Jam pseudo-fighting games modeled after the N64 wrestling games (like No Mercy) that were out years before. Def Jam Vendetta (the first) was good, but Fight for New York (second) took it to another level with a lot more stylish finishers, a faster engine with more fighting styles and weapons. The story mode was nice too.

Then something happened between EA and the developers of those two games, and they brought the series over to EA Chicago. Icon ripped out everything good about the last two games in favor of sloppy, unintuitive controls, a horrible damage system, and that “music magic” garbage. Icon sucked so hard I started being wary of people who even talk like Kudo. Before Icon came out, dude was talking about how games should be innovative, and how he strives for innovative gaming. Now if I hear a dev talking about things being innovative or epic without explaining the gameplay much at all, I run the other way. That’s even if I have reason to believe the dev can deliver. Before its demo, I was worried about God of War 3 because the developers were throwing around the word “epic” with almost no gameplay out. I turned out wrong, but still…

So how about you guys?

EDIT: You can also talk about your White List (people whose involvement instantly hype you up for a project). Yes, Chachi’s post inspired this. Instead of another thread, let’s just make it an option here. I can’t change the thread title, but maybe people will see this.

Well, let’s see…

In terms of general showbusiness/television-- Wendy Williams comes to mind right away. Dancing with the Stars is normally worth a look each season because of the hot ass on there…and then there was last season where they invited Wendy. It’s like ratings-repellent to me…like Raid or DDT or something. “Her” presence was enough to make sure that I completely avoided that season. I don’t even want to see that creature by accident…and we still need to see a birth certificate on this one, folks. That’s the real “birther” movement right there. Duuude looks like a lady!, as the great Steven Tyler once sang. Whatever tv show “she” appears on… that absolutely guarantees that I will not watch it…not even for 1 second.

There’s also “Precious” Gabby Siddebe…but that’s only because she’s incredibly unappealing to look at. It’s like “Steel” in drag from that movie Juice…or Steel genetically crossed with Gorilla Grodd and a sentient brownie. On that note of people that are physically unappealing in every way:
-Camryn Manheim
-Roseanne Barr
-Alek Wek
-99% of female basketball players
-Bea Arthur when she was alive
-Rachel Maddow

*I was going to mention Whoopi Goldberg as well, but I remembered that she can actually be funny on occasion…so at least she has that going for her.

Boy did I hate Kudo Tsunoda for what he did to Def Jam.
I met the guy when he was speaking at a game dev event when EA was in Chicago…and I thought he was a douche even then because he has this rock star mentality.

This thread is not complete without mention of the biggest fraud in comedy: Carlos Mencia.

Yeah. Fuck that dude. He was actually semi-decent way back in the 90s before the race jokes utterly consumed his act. But maybe the good shit I heard from him was stolen. Seriously. People say Dane Cook stole Louis CK’s jokes, but there’s a MUCH clearer case that Mencia steals shit. I mean, look at this:

Square Soft/Enix or whatever they are called.

Mencia got called out several times. Dude would go up on stage and just redo entire Pryor or Cosby acts. That shit in heinous. I’ve heard so many comics talk about how when they saw Mencia in the audience, they would stop using new material.


Fuck Mencia and while we are at it anything from George Lopez or Tyler Perry is a 100% chance i will fund whoever will make an attempt on either mans life.


I don’t know if this is true but I read somewhere that George Lopez punched Mencia in the face for stealing some of his material.

Yeah. The story (from what I remember) is that Mencia stole around half an hour of material from George. Damn. George got a little heated.

EDIT: my bad. It was 13 minutes, not thirty.

Danny Glover and Russell Crowe.

Nick Cage.

I totally agree with this. I don’t understand how Tyler perry keeps getting funding for anything. Do black people even like his stuff?

Dane Cook. Seriously, how do people find him funny?
Carlos Mencia. For the shit already mentioned.
Tyler Perry. How he keeps getting money I will never know.

Hilary Swank. Needs to stop fishing for every goddamn movie role that might potentially get an Oscar Nomination. It’s pathetic. I watched the Amelia Airheart biopic she did, by the end I was happy she was lost at sea, just so I didn’t have to look at Hilary Swank’s fucking face anymore.

M.Night Shyamalan. Fuck this guy. Any Writer/Director who writes himself into his own movie as a writer who writes something that changes/saves the world just has to be a complete asshole. And his movies suck. You may attempt to argue the 6th Sense was good, but that has Haley Joel Osment in it, and I fucking hate him too.

McG: Need I say more? He goes by the name McG. And he’s expressed interest in remaking Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. What a douche bag.

…and you know whats sad? I watched his “Comedy Central Presents” special from 2002 on a whim, and it was surprisingly decent. His stuff was actually funny and somewhat thought provoking. Too bad his show was an abomination…mostly because it replaced “Stella.”

katherine heigl. does this broad ever stop ovulating?

Rob Schneider. Steve Martin or Eddie Murphy in anything new. Jack Black unless it’s Kung Fu Panda.

I have a love hate relationship with Adam Sandler.

Edit: Oh also Jay Leno.

Ever since the whole Scientology thing, I can’t enjoy movies with Cruise or Travolta.
It really sucks.