Who's repping Guile at Evo this year?



raises hand

See you guys there.


Best of luck to you and all Guile mains man!!


Good luck…I wanted to go, but couldn’t work it out.


How did the Guiles at Evo fair? I was unable to go, but I wanna hear all about it!

I saw Nuckledu and Dieminion on stream but that was it. Dieminion was so so so so close! I felt like his match against Momochi was his and it just got taken away for no good reason :frowning: but then again I am biased haha


Next year I’ll be there. Next year I will be 5x better than I am now. I will be ready.


The youtouber FineLikeWine49 won the loser bracket of his pool. No stream matches unfortunately…I just followed the bracket.


Hey guys! Used to be a frequent poster but haven’t been back in a while. Marvel’s my main game now but I still play a lot of SF4. I did pretty good in SF4 at EVO!!! First guy from Guam to ever make it out of pools!

I made it out in loser’s but lost immediately to a really good Cody player. Hungry to do better next year but still happy that I could pop my quarter finals cherry!


I lost, after beating a couple people then losing to a cammy, I rage switched the rest of the tournament to Blanka.