Who's showing up to Evo?


See topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised there isn’t one mentioned here, although I’ve read around and a bunch of people aren’t making it. :frowning: I want to know who actually is getting there? I’m heading there this year (mainly for marvel but Skullgirls will definitely be something I’ll be on) but I wanna know who else plans to go and play?


I WILL TAKE THE RING TO MORDOR! I mean… uh I’ll be going. First evo for me, should be great :D. I know I’ll be hanging around the SG area most of the time. Crack session casuals RET’S GO!




I wish i could go, i really want to buy that parasoul and valentine shirts.
Wish ya the best if you go severin.


im going and ill be hanging around the skullgirls setups a fair bit, but will likely also have a dabble with marvel and possibly SF4 as well.

if you see fortune/bella team its possibly me.


Got my hotel and everything set up already.


I will be there.


I will be there… Im Free but im down to play some matches…
Any one staying at the Imperial palace??


i will be there.

wearing a name tag.

that says girlysssssstyyyylle


i wont quite be wearing a name tag, but this is the stick i will be rockin if anyone wants to say hi.


…i won’actually be wearing a name tag that would be weiiird


Every year when they give out badges there is a space to put your name. :slight_smile:



i’m just going to write batman on mine


I’m gonna be there, and I’m helping run the Skullgirls side tourney. Make sure you all go and sign up, it’s only $5!

If you go to the skullgirls booth and see a really dorky looking guy… that’s mike Z, I’ll be the other guy :wink:


I will be there.


was anybody planning on taking a console for SG casuals during/after the tourney on fri sat? SG is the only tourney im entering since its the only game ive actually been playing over the last 6-8 months.


I’ll be going


It’s highly unlikely that I’ll go but if I do it will only be Sunday. I work Friday saturday sunday night, so even if I leave LA after work Saturday I’d have to leave Vegas sunday by 4pm. I’ll be watching the stream and will be keeping an eye out for any… further details about the game to be announced at EVO. Wishful thinking or obvious speculation.


Haven’t been around in ages and haven’t played much since launch but I will be there.


what time are people arriving?
I will there at 3 tomorrow