Who's the artist of this pic? Poster?

Hi Guys. I was wondering if you knew who drew this picture and if there is a poster available of it. It’s an old pic tho. Thanks!


Might be one of Akiman’s older works. :xeye:

I dunno. That’s the only name that comes to mind. Might wanna ask the Warrior’s Fate posters.

Is Warrior Fate a user here? I searched his name but just get this post… Thx!

LoL, nah it’s not a poster, it’s a thread. :cool:

Yeah it’s from Akiman AKA Akira Yasuda.

Yep, it’s definitely Akiman. You can try finding it at:


They have capcom stuff now.

that chun kinda reminds me of old school joe mad

HAHA yea!

This picture is freakin awesome! I was surprised to see Ryu do the same stance as Akumas winning pose before Akuma was created!

I first saw this picture in the 1st issue of Street Fighter II Malibu Comic back wayyyy long ago.

I tried allposters.com and they did not have… I did get a Akiman chun li poster where she does a windmill(?) kick.

I just emailed allposters.com and asked them if they can get rights from Capcom to make the image a poster!! Hope it works!!