Whos the best in the US for each character?

list the best preferably U.S. only - I’m just curious. I’m sure some characters like Ken and ChunLi perhaps even Yun its hard to say but like the best US Urien, best US Makoto, best US Necro, best US Remy… well you all get the point.


Oh god this is gonna start a fucktastically humongous flame war…ah well, I’ll offer my .02. This is based on tournament results…

Yun - Pyrolee, obviously

Chun - Hm. Didn’t Ricky quit her? Does Justin use her? Dunno.

Ken - Justin probably

Urien - Rokufera!

Makoto - Arlieth

Dudley - Victoly

Yang - Gee-O?

Oro - Hungbee

Ryu - Frankie3s

Akuma - J.R Rodriguez, likely?

Necro - Isn’t there a decent Cali player or two that uses him? Hell, Justin might be up there too. =P

Ibuki - nate?

Elena - Combofiend

Alex - Arturo?

Remy - Everdred?

Twelve - Well, James Austin is about the only American Twelve I have ever seen. Doesn’t Joe Zaza use him or something?

Q - Silvergear? gunjack_fever?

Sean - I have never heard of an American Sean.

Hugo - 720?

There, now let the shit-talking begin!


i won’t go so far as to say “this person has the best character” but rather just give you a list of all the top players in the country who have all dominated major tournaments at one point in time, and are usually very consistent at placing top 7 in 50+ man tournaments in the last 2 years.

no particular order…

chun - ricky ortiz (ca), flashg (ny), justin wong (ny)

yun - pyrolee (ca), hsien chang (tx)

ken - alex valle (ca), paulee (ca), hsien chang (tx), ricky ortiz (ca), justin wong (ny), mopreme (tx)

urien - cameron buckner (ne)

akuma - hsien chang (tx), j.r. rodriguez (ca)

dudley - vic vance (ca)

oro - jamarr lewis (ne)

ryu - frankie3s (ca), alex valle (ca), john choi (ca), mopreme (tx), datrick orr (ne).

hugo - butch pierce (ne)

ibuki - eddie lee (ny)

alex - butch pierce (ne), datrick orr (ne)

elena - jason wilson (ca?), combofiend (ca)

necro - jamarr lewis (ne)

(can’t think of any major tournaments that these characters have appeared finished 7th or better in u.s tournaments.)
yang - ?
makoto - ?
12 - ?
sean - ?
q - ?
remy - ?

again these are players who have proven themselves in major tournaments w/ over 50 players entering. it doesn’t take into consideration some local guy you know who dominates your area and is real good w/ a character. if you aren’t national, you’re not on my list.

I’ll take anyone you boys listed in a Necro or Twelve mirror match for money.

N - No bullshit.

well sorry perhaps wording was bad… Its not so much Who’s the best I’m interested in more who uses the unique characters at a competitive level.

Ibuki - Jack Lee

Q - Streak

Sean - Cameron? Ponta? Anyone?

Mopreme only play Chun and Ken in tournaments and I think Valley doesnt play Ryu anymore

i was going off results for the last couple years. mopreme is definetly a ryu-specialist in the u.s if there ever was one.

I heard Adolfo rocked Alex pretty hard, just that he doesnt do any tourneys anymore?

I saw vids of MutantXP playing Necro… he defeated Yun stunning him ofcourse but still… winning is winning =) he rocked

arlieth is probly the only well known makoto in this country…

I’ll reiterate:

I will play ANY CITIZEN OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES for money in a Necro or Twelve mirror match. ANYONE. I don’t care who it is, or where they’re from. Be it poor name-dropped Justin Wong or MutantWhoever or anyone, I guarantee I will rock their shit 2-0.

N - GG/ShakeHands/PeaceOut

PS: Adolfo is still way underrated. And lazy.

nice, I’d like to see that happen. necro or twelve matches for $. Adolfo is underrated yes… why? cause he doesn’t compete. just like yourself.

PS: mirror match does not prove who’s the better character player, only the better mirror match player.

this thread is stupid. You can tell what the person replying is going to post as “best for each character” by looking at his screen name and then looking at where he’s from.

Here’s the real list.

yun: Secret weapon. He’s a toronto yun player.

Chun Li: Me Of course

Ken: Me. I’m fromt toronto and i’m the best with ken

Ryu: Me.

Akuma: Some toronto guy

Remy: some other toronto guy

Hugo: Supapuffy. He’s from toronto too btw

Alex: Me.

Twelve: Some dude that lives down the street from me

Necro: Bort. He plays at the same arcade as I do btw

Characters i missed: Toronto people. All toronto.

SlimX knows his shit.

Best Sean = me =p

I should go back to playing Makoto so I have a chance of placing in shit though.

That or bust out one-button Chun. =D

best every character = some big time whales and pans

i am the best alex and ibuki and probably (pretty soon) urien too

haunts is the best makoto and twelve

Haha, you’re gonna make me cry.

Mirror match is the only fair way I could come up with to gauge the skills, only because all other Twelve matches are so lopsided. One fuck-up costs you the whole match. So if one player magically got someone to whiff a DP or something and got lucky damage, then the next guy didn’t, it’s not so much one being better than the other, it’s more that the first one lucked out. There’s a lot of mindgame and whatnot to it, but still, with Twelve you need to luck out sometimes.

N - If I were from anywhere but SoCal I would totally be overrated as the world’s best Twelve player. This damn region is overpopulated with talent.

Ahahaha toronto represent!:lol:

don’t cry, just come to ff and play with us… we have little twelve and necro experience, it also gives you the opportunity to level up.

I totally would, it’s just a problem to get up there. I don’t drive at all, so I’d have to sweet-talk Mike Z into picking me up or something. So far I haven’t been able to buy him off with shrimp cocktail, so you guys’ll have to pressure him.