Who's the best low tier ot better yet top 3 low tier players?



Just wondering. Food for thought


There are so many good low tier players its hard to find out who is the best. Mvc2 will never die cause people like technical games and something hard for them to master. In Mvc3 everything is given to you so whats there to master? Combo videos alone lets you know how easy the game will be and its not even out yet. People that just touched the game are already doing 10-15 hit combos. Not talking down on the game just saying mvc2 will be forever appreciated due to the passion and energy it takes to play this game correctly. I would like to see a royal rumble for good money with all the best low tier players. justin wong, mixup, me, vdo, rubillionaire, some japs, and others. I think it would be interesting to see this go down at evo 2011. I was suppose to play wong at sb4 in a hotel but everybody got busy playing c-lo :frowning:


there are many good low tier players in mvc2 nowadays, have to have an actual tourney with a decent ruleset to really see whos top atm. they’ve fucked up the rules for low tier tourneys since the beginning(I blame the northeast players and their busted ratio system)

truth is… its a little late now to even care :[


aztec soldier: Lol im always down for a set. 1st to 5. KingAirbrush on live. Let me know when you are on so we can bang. Just post times or send me a pm. If you know rubillionaire cause he is in your area (cali) he can tell you about me. Reset and others can also let you know.

Mixup: I dont think its to late. I spoke to vdo and flapp and they both are still playing mvc2 hardcore even when mvc3 drops. Im sticking with what i know until i feel mvc3 is worthy to leave. We need to get some games in, been hella busy. You going to evo cause I would like to see this royal rumble go down? Dont quite know who all is down but im 100% confirmed for some good money.


Top 3 Low tier players IMO:

Another - Beats, VDO, J360, Shoultzula, Demon Hyo, Bobbypigo, Myself :), etc.

Oh, and I guess JustinW should be in there somewhere.


<<<<------------------ This guy aint bad/ selfpromotion.

Mixup, Observedego, Shoultz, VDO, JAponte all are pretty nuts at low tier.



This man’s ability to call Juggernaut dash punch is uncanny, that assist is so burly! In all srsness you have easily the best Metal Gief I’ve ever seen, and your gief in general is top-notch. Your zoning with him is hilarious (ghetto fly), but it works!

As far as the Japanese players, Dau (Jugg/BBHood/ORed) has my vote for their scariest low tier monster. Sunahebi (SNHB on xbl) is also dope, but plays many teams and runs top tier for tournaments, while Dau is straight up the VDO of Japan bc he plays that one team only.


Very kind of you sir, your sentiments are genuinely appreciated!


^ This guy just mashes out and gets lucky sorry rob, gotta troll at least once today lol all love, all homo


to many people to name.

mvc2 needs ST status so we can figure out the rest of the cast. Low tier characters like speed up wolvy haven’t even come close to being mastered and I hate to see that much potential be thrown away.

honorable mentions off the top of my head of people who haven’t been named, preppy, potent shell, toan, vegita x.


Mike Z

Skitz is number one for sure, I’ve played against this guy on many occasions, and he does combo video shit against myself and a few other good Marvel players all the time.


Thanks for the mention yall, i cant really call top 3 but mixup is DEFINITELY the best low tier player i have ever fought. Hes the only low tier player who can dominate my squads on a good day. Everyone else is getting better at lowtier and its real competetive now. Marvel is fun again.


Low tier is a beautiful thing. Much respect to top low tier players.


I’ve only played a very small handful of people that can play top level low tier teams.
VDO, and ArmandoXIII come to mind, along with AirburshKing. We played not too long ago, and I’m pretty sure you walloped me.

I play low tier for the most part, but I don’t consider myself a top player by any stretch.


You guys should try to play skitz when you get the chance…He & Mixup would have a good fight I think. I can get very few games off mix when we battle low tier, same for skitz.


I think some of the random mexicano low tier players are beastly too. Anyone ever play terminal mix?(i think that was his name)

skitz + vdo are the two most difficult imo to fight low tier vs low tier.


damn i gotta play skitz. It seems like im the only one who hasn’t experienced the horror yet.


to be *clear I played him on a 50/50 working joystick, my down input switch was dying on me at that time. skitz is definetly a smart player and makes great use of several teams, impressive play imo.


hey josh he usually plays on my account so just add me


I’d like to see some mixup vs skitz.

I don’t really play online mvc2 anymore and even the last several times I did I was messing around with more of a high/lowtier team I was trying to learn (sim/anak/cyc), but I would love to play skitz.

1)mixup fo sho
2)vdo obviously
3)skitz from what everyone says

and a lot of the other mentions in here would be after. I haven’t played against demonhyo’s low tier in a minute, it’s beast!

also, tonyK’s low tier too lol! VDO and Derek know what I’m talking about lol. 2hit combos ftw