Who's the best Rufus in the world?

who have the best rufus in the world ricky ortiz, kindevu, marn or justin wong

that depends

kindevu is playing cammy now, marn is playing dudley(yun in AE, probably). so they are out of this competition

j.wong has a great rushdown game with rufus. he’s FUCKING AGRESSIVE and that works for rufus. BUT, he get fucked up on some matches that he cant be so agressive, like ryu or dhalsim. usually you have to be careful before entering in their close range, and thats where jwong get stuck. nevertheless, jwong gets a little nervous in competitions, if you see him playing in qualifiers or stuffs like these you’ll se a totally diferent rufus, really solid.

rickyortiz is more carefull, but sometimes it makes him lose some oportunities, wich you cant loose as rufus =/. but ricky has a great concentration, and even with mind pressures, he can still do some great job.

i prefer rickyortiz, mind is better than skill imo. you can be a great player, but if you become nervous, you’ll turn into a child mashing buttons.

for me its ricky.

It’d have to be Kindevu for me. All round solid player IMO

ricky, justin or mdr

didnt we have a thread like this already?

right now only MDR is playing rufus.

Ricky Ortiz, Norcal,Westcoast America FOR life.

Anyone watched any YanMing X from Korea?
He’s awesome.
Check out this YouTube Channel for some of his action…

YouTube - Raknos1982’s Channel

I think the best rufus players are Kindevu and MDR. MDR took out 3 top Bison players.

I swear I thought this thread was dead… but as Said barley a few play rufus. I think only Ricky, and … IDK no one else plays him anymore.

Yeah it looks like Justin dropped him for Adon pretty much entirely

I think it’s just that Justin doesn’t care at all about Super these days and just wants to troll using different characters. Although with Capcom giving Rufus absolutely nothing in AE while hitting two of Rufus’ best tools with the nerf stick I can see why the top players that did play him have jumped ship. It sucks that the other characters that got nerfs also got some buffs eg cammy got better normals and boxer got some buffs to his close mp, but Rufus who arguably has the worst footsies in the game got nothing!

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious he’s been steering more towards Marvel lately, which is cool. I’ll be interested to see what he does when AE starts getting played more. I’m a little bummed that now that I’m JUST getting back into the game and picking up Rufus that AE is coming out and he’s much less viable. Almost makes me want to preemptively switch mains.

I myself swapped mains to Yun/ Oni/ ER… I love the fatman, but Capcom cut me real deep with the nerfs…

You kids needa stop switching characters Because a " nerf " or " buff " just fucking play the game scrub. He wasnt even nerfed that bad, Less damage on 2 EX moves over 3 installments and a nerfed U2 that he doesnt even need. someone close this thread also.

Yeah I got a shit ton of advice on my game from a pretty solid Rufus player the other night, I’m starting to get comfortable with him but there are still things I struggle with. I’m definitely sticking with him for the time being. I’d rather play a slightly more mix up based character because I love mixing up with Rufus but I’m not a fan of any of the mix up chars in super, really.

have the best rufus in the world ricky ortiz, kindevu, marn or justin wong (sorry for my english)

Kindevu plays Cammy now mostly. Marn plays Dudley. Justin Wong is switching to Yang. In a way, 3 of the 4 are not applicable. The answer is either Kindevu (because his Rufus has had the best results) or Ricky Ortiz (since he is the only one who looks to be staying a Rufus main, and has had the best results recently outside of Japan).

How do you know Justin is switching to Yang? I don’t doubt you, just hadn’t heard that myself. I too am looking forward to Yang, so that’s great news. But def not dropping Rufus, there’s room in this dive-wagon for 2, baby. Staying on topic, probably Kindevu. But if you’re asking looking for proper study material, you’ll benefit from all of the above, plus MDR.

Kindevu and mdr

MDR hands down.