Whos the best sakura in japan



so who is the man?


The japanese don’t really play console characters.


i am…


hey i’ve seen your videos
you don’t use sakura! LAWL! :hitit:


hey dont i know you from some where? :confused:


Yeah RadarTrap is right. They don’t use console characters. Arcades in Japan are still legit. SO LEGIT as a matter a fact console versions of games, even if “improved” (balancing, new character, etc.) don’t get the time of day as an arcade version would. Why practice and put all of that effort into learning those characters when at the end of the day when you go out to play you can’t us them against other players? BUT I’m in the same boat as you. I can’t even imagine all of the crazy Japan could pull off with the console characters.


Considering the lack of console tournaments in Japan. WickedNagae used to be the Sakura to watch on xbl, not sure he’s actually Japanese though and he’s been playing BB.