Who's the most broken character in any fighting game?

State who you think it is, why, and what game he/she originated in. I don’t know too much about brokenness, but I think one of the most broken characters is Necrid from SC2. I really don’t see a weakness within him. He’s strong, fast, is good for close and long range, etc. Zero and Geese could also be called broken characters because of their scrubby infinites, but I’m not so sure. What do you think?

ST Akuma, who is banned, which is almost unheard of in any other fighting game.

Gill for 3S, who is also banned (which some people may argue as moot because he isn’t in the arcade version)

Unless Zero and Geese are also banned (I honestly don’t know) then they don’t compare to these two.

Guile is SF2:WW, who was plain retarded, and unstoppable in casual where glitches abound.

Honorable mention should go to MSH’s Anita.

Sim is a counter to Guile, even though Guile can beat him. Its a 50-50 match.

Magneto in CotA.


Oh, yeah, forgot about her.

Zero - KOF 2000/2001
Igniz - KOF 2001
Omega Rugal - KOF 98/2002
Mukai - KOF 2003
Krizalid - KOF 99
Orochi - KOF 97
Goenitz - KOF 96
Chizuru - KOF 96
Cable - MVC2
Magneto - MVC2
Doom - MVC2
Storm - MVC2
C.Commando - MVC2
heck the whole cast of MVC2

Boss from Samurai Showdown 3 & 5
DURAL - Virtua Fighter

lets see if i remember more later :nunchuck: :rock:

What do you mean by broken? So called cheap?

Steve Fox and Paul Phoenix-T4&5
EX Balrog-CVS1
Zero and Geese-SVC
Storm, Magneto, Sentinel, Cable, and a few others I don’t feel like naming-MVC2
Kevin Ryan-Mark of the wolves

Blanka in ST is pretty cheap when he can get like 2 supers off in a round just from jumping around. Mags is way broke, but AHVB is worse. So yeah… cable. And didn’t Zangief have a glitch where he could grab you from anywhere on the screen in ST? 'course that wouldn’t be broke if you cant do it during a normal match, but it’s still funny to watch.

sorry im a bit of a newb
what is ST?

super turbo


Everyone can easily do half health combos their first day with him. Marvel would be a LOT better without him.

Tekken 4 Jin.
Tekken 5 Julia Chang.

Cvs2 Cammy, Blanka, Sakura

so super turbo is the one that comes with third strike in aniversery collection?

tekken 4 jin should definitely be up there… frame advantage… recovery >_<

haha and yes magneto in cota is BEAST!

The one in Anniversary is Hyper Street Fighter 2, in which you can select all the different version of the characters. The top option on the character select screen (SUPER T) will pick the super turbo version of that character.

Also, we should limit this to playable (ie. not banned) characters.

I’m going to go with Duolon.

And Paul is far from broken in either T4 or T5. Hell I’ve even seen ppl call him low tier in T5 heh.

marian -doubledragon
heiachi paul jin kazuya all types of tekkens
kof 95 anyone
kof 96 ralf clark cant be helped
97 yamazaki - terry - iori - kyo
98 goro daimon
2001 heidern
capcom vs snk2 sagat cammy blanka
world heroes 2 dio blatantly
street fighter ex2 kairi hayate shadow bison garuda
vampire savior jedah & bulleta
soul calibur2 Nightmare


MvC2: The God Tier
KoF98: Goro Daimon, Chris
KoF00: Seth (Striker)
KoF03: Duo Lon

The funny part is that al of these games are teambased, so no once cares if there’s a single God tier character.

eyedol from KI, rat king from TMNT:TF, happosai from ranma 1/2: hard battle