Who's trying to go to Power Play?!

This thread was inspired by DeLucifer as I forgot the arcade was opening on the 22nd. Who’s trying to check this place out and when? I kinda wanna stop by there on Friday and see what’s up.

i was going to go check it out friday too. have you heard what games will be there?

WOW. That is crazy. Might hit it up on the weekend.

I haven’t heard about anything that they would have outside of that Outrun game. In fact, I’m afraid that they won’t have much to choose from as far as fighting games go.

depending on what time it closes, i’ll stop by after work. Wow if they got SFIV or Tekken 6:BR I’d be there after work all the time (literally 2 min. away)

from the way it has been described, it doesnt seem like it will. if thats true, then that is sad that an arcade is OPENING(instead of closing) and there is no games to support our scene. i guess we will know friday though


I feel like if we get our foots in the door and can handle going there without the fighting games then maybe we can influence them to get games. Show them just how many people might be willing to come out?

I’m down for going if other people are going to be checking it out on Friday. Elias is right that if we can show them that we can bring in business if they bring in SF4/T6, then they just might do that. It’s clear there’s a lot of money behind this place so what’s one or two more machines in the grand scheme of things? :wonder:

That and laser dodging sounds badass. And it’s next to a bowling alley.

Maybe I’ll look over this place on my way to Emanuel’s Thursday.

What time you cats thinking on Friday to hit this up? We should all roll in at the same time and look like we’re fucking persians doin the rock-walk to Sparta.

Anytime works for me. I can give someone from the south a ride there, too, if they need it.

Hope it’s tight. Another venue is a good thing…just gotta let the owners know about how awesome a fighting scene we have here.

Venue competition is needed, yes.

I’m down to roll after work on Friday. Doubt they have much as far as fighting games, but maybe if we can convince them it’d be tight to have something near where I live.

Watch them have some random ass cabinet in pristine condition with KOF 96 or MKII.

^For the same reason as Elias: LASER DODGING! I’m down Friday. Jared u wanna carpool?

Oh I hope they have MKII. I don’t know if you people are ready for Jax.

lp+blockx4 at sweep range. allllllll day.

No idea what time I’d be heading there. I don’t really feel like hanging out for HOURS before another soul shows up, so that’s the problem I’m sitting on. Definite maybe on the carpool idea though!

SeattleVersus should be in the building, taking pictures, videos, and notes! So be ready!

Did any of you guys RSVP to the grand opening on Thursday? If you’re not on the list, I don’t think you can get in on the 22nd. Today was literally the last day to do so. You might be able to get on the list if you call 206.838.8977 or email andreab@tamarawilson.com before midnight, but don’t quote me. Open bar, so 21+ only.

Sorry if someone already mentioned this. I iz lazy, and only glanced at each post briefly.

Oh, wow, thanks for the heads up.